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  1. I flew down to Southern California to watch conference championship football with my uncle. Smoking a beautiful 2015 Punch Punch from a cab on his couch now watching Utah walk all over Oregon. In and Out burgers after the game. Good start to a fun weekend.
  2. My wife and I are hosting this year for the first time. Three generations from both sides of the family. I’ll be smoking the turkey on my Green Egg. Going to try out a pickle juice brine I found on one of my favorite BGE blogs. I’m also doing potatoes au gratin on my smaller Egg. My wife and sister will be handling the rest of the cooking. I’m sure I’ll smoke some sort of PC before our family arrives and something a bit larger after they leave. Exactly what I smoke will be a game time decision.
  3. Got back late last night from a week at Bandon Dunes with my wife. Lazy weekend ahead of me. Watching football and hanging out with my kids.
  4. This is the newest addition to my ‘tool box’. The Steelwrist addition to my excavators is a game changer.
  5. 2019 Siglo IV. Couldn’t even make it halfway. Burn and construction was fine, just tasted terrible.
  6. That’s what she said. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 🤦🏼🤣
  7. I got a date with my couch and the Ryder Cup. It’s been a long couple weeks at work so a down weekend is needed. Smoked some chicken legs tonight, beef ribs tomorrow and pork shoulder for Sunday. Smoked a CoLa this evening. Gonna dig into the ‘special drawer’ for the rest of the weekend. Sunday would have been my best friends 40th birthday so I’m gonna smoke something nice in his honor.
  8. You don’t need to get me a gift buddy. The NicPac Cab was plenty generous.
  9. I couldn’t wait to listen to the Monday episode!!

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