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  1. I’ve been shooting Fuji mirrorless systems for 5 or so years now and I love them. One of the things I love about Fuji is the old school feel. The aperture is controlled on the lens vs a button. It’s just makes more since to me. But I also shoot film mostly so that may be why I enjoy that feature better. Another thing to consider is what your subjects will be mostly. Fuji lenses excel at reproducing life like skin tones while Canon lenses excess at landscapes/other subjects. Not to say you can use one for the other.
  2. 2014 Short at work. N1 after work. 2019 Reyes post dinner/kids going to bed
  3. A pair of BRCs today. One to smoke and one to lay down.
  4. I quite smoking a few years ago after my first son was born. Sold my collection and Aristocrat. 😖 Now I’ve been working hard to rebuild my collection. I bought an Avallo last week. They look like nice units but I sure wish Bob was still working. The wife and I have separate CCs fortunately 🤣
  5. Looks like a nice track!! I definitely will look into doing that someday. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I’ll bet. I’m pretty lucky that I work outside which obviously gets me out of the house
  7. No kidding? I’m in Snohomish. My folks live up on Camano. Maybe someday we can link up for a smoke or two.
  8. About 20 miles north of Seattle. One of these days I’m gonna make it out to the Atlanta area to play golf. Lots of great golf around there. Maybe when I do we would link up for a smoke
  9. I’d love to meet Jack. I’m loosely named after him (Nicholas) and I loosely named my first son after him (Jack). I know the feeling. I’ve had a day similar to that. I had 4 birds and an eagle and shot 89! It was a colder day but I can’t blame it on the 5 MPH wind haha
  10. Yup. I feel the same way. Seems like all the old dudes around my club have a couple of em. Someday I’ll be an old dude and I’ll finally get my ace haha Fun fact. Arnie shot his age for the first time at my club. 66. Of course we got a plaque for it near the first tee and the card in the men’s locker room.
  11. 2 different holes. One on 12 which plays around 140 and 2 on 16 which was playing around 200. The craziest part was all 3 of the guys were high handicappers. 18+ handicaps. It was a great time! I just wish I could do it every month. Once a year just isn’t enough.
  12. I hit em well. Better than I have all year. I was a couple under my number for the 3 days. My partner plays off a 2 and didn’t play his best. Unfortunately other teams played a bit better. We had 3 aces during the tournament. On the last day about 40 guys were around the 18th green and I drained a 25’er and everyone went nuts. It was so much fun.

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