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  1. Unfortunately @BTWheezy hasn’t worked long enough to accumulate enough PTO to take the afternoon off. We run a tight ship around here.
  2. Thanks brother! I’ll posted a couple photos once I get it done
  3. 2007 Cohiba CE to break in my new cigar room/office. My wife and I closed on our dream home on the 15th. It’s going to be a great home to raise our boys and make memories in. Lots of work to do to get the room how I want it but it’s exciting to think of what I want to do.
  4. Not even sure he can handle that. That was painful to watch. The second half of the season he was garbage.
  5. I felt inspired by @inter4alia 2007 BCE from a dress box while watching the playoffs. I’ve been lucky enough to score of few 5ers of these recently. I love these sticks.
  6. Glad you are enjoying it! Ok ok. Past prime might have been a bit aggressive. I should have said they lost some strength. Probably a better description.
  7. Wow!!! This just made my day!! Thanks FOH!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  8. Beautiful. Congrats!

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