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  1. One of my favorites! I wish I could find a box from 2006/2007. I’d love to see what the BCE is like in those years. I feel the 2000 box I have is a couple years past it’s prime.
  2. My friends are welcome to anything I’m carrying in my travel case. With the exception of @BTWheezy I’m normally the most knowledgeable habano guy in my crowd so I like to turn guys on to stuff that I think is great.
  3. ‘18 BRC on the golf course this morning and a ‘17 Party Short with my buddy as we recap an epic 9 days of Bandon Dunes golf. The trip started off slow but I ended up playing some of the best golf I’ve ever played. I hit some shots I will remember for a long time. I head home tomorrow I and already can’t wait to come back.
  4. ‘16 BCG on the golf course today. ‘98 Cuaba Tradicionales afterwards. I was surprised how good the Cuaba was and how much strength it still had.
  5. I can’t remember the factory, I just remember they were Jun 17

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