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  1. I’ll bet man. Way easier to smoke from too. I would find myself only smoking off the top of my weathertights.
  2. I ordered two of them. One for me and one for a buddy. Almost the same one you have on order. The first one took 19 months to get. The second one is on month 20.
  3. This is another cigar I’m fairly deep on. I have boxes/cabs from 2008-present. I enjoy them with 10+ years on them and fresh. It’s one of those cigars that will never be the best cigar you ever had, but it’s reliable and almost always delivers. Whenever I pack cigars for a trip you can count on a few BPCs.
  4. I’m also doing quite well. I’d like a couple fresh boxes of BRC and P2s because of all the hype of how good the recent examples are. There’s a few discontinued boxes I’m keeping my eyes out for a resellers market. Other than that I don’t ‘need’ anything. All the buying I’m doing is just to deepen the my stock of go-to’s.
  5. I checked. And I lied. 12 cabs plus a few dress boxes. 4 of the cabs are opened and 1 dress box is opened. Still, I’d say I’m sufficiently stocked up 😂
  6. If I had to pick one cigar to smoke the rest of my life this might be it. It’s at least in the running. I probably own close to 1000 of them ranging from 2006-2021. They are 45 mins-an hour for me.
  7. Here’s what I carry daily. I had it forged recently. The guard and cap is from a reclaimed 1800’s prison bar.
  8. Just picked up a new ride this week. It’s an Evil Offering V2. Although I picked this one up complete, building bikes is a favorite past time of mine.
  9. This was a thread I rather enjoyed while it was going. I’ve always had a tough time smoking those cigars I only have one of. Although I never met Mike, I looked up to him. He was always super nice to me. I’ll be missing him around here. I hope each day I can be more like you. Kind, generous and just an all around good guy. Here’s to you Mike. Life is just to short not to smoke the cigars we collect. Partagás 155th Anniversary Robustos Extra.
  10. After recent events I’ve been thinking about this a fair amount. The value of my collection is certainly worth the effort to sell. It would probably put one of my kids though collage. I’ll most likely ask a trusted friend to handle it and keep what he thinks is fair for his time. Give the proceeds to my family.
  11. Wow…I can’t even believe this. My heart breaks for Kelly. RIP Brother.
  12. I’d like to learn to forge metal and make knives. If money was no object, collecting cars.
  13. I own a bunch of Shun knives and have been really happy with them. I also own a handful of other Japanese knives but prefer my Shun. Recently I found this forge out of Russia and have commissioned him to make me a 4 knife set for camping. Definitely overkill but I really like nice knives. You may consider having a custom knife made. If my Dad had done that for me I would treasure it for the rest of my life. Even if I ended up buying different knives later on that suited me better. I’m also in talks with another forge in Georgia to make me a everyday carry knife. I’ll most likely have him make me some kitchen knives in the future. His website is and the guy I’m having make my 4 knife set is named Vasverblades and he can be found on social media including Etsy and IG. Vasverblades would fit your budget, Cattle Dog probably wouldn’t.
  14. I had a ‘15 RA Club Allones on Christmas Eve and a Monte 4 from the 1970’s on Christmas. The RACA was really rich and a wonderful smoke. Wish I had more. The Monte was pretty boring through the first third due to it being a bit tight. I hit it with my perfect draw tool and that woke it right up. The next 2/3 was really a treat. I smoked it till it burnt my fingers. Glad a have a more of those left.
  15. I picked up both of the ebony/ivory packs. Happy to split off a few of each of you would like.
  16. Bees pecker 😂😂😂 never heard that one before. That’s definitely getting added to the vocabulary
  17. Great review. I got a single kicking around in my cabinet somewhere. I might have to dig it out soon.
  18. For sure. And if you do find them they are crazy expensive.
  19. So many boxes on that list I would love a shot at buying. Specifically the Boli Demi Tasse, Imensas and Bonitas.

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