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  1. habanos1972

    Favorite NYC Restaurant?

    Delmonico’s Steak House is one of my favorites. It is pricey but worth it.
  2. habanos1972

    Who, what, where?

    I would gladly have a cigar with JFK. I would bring a Por Larrañaga Petit Corona and urge him not to impose the embargo and not to travel to Dallas. What a different world it could have been.
  3. F.D.A = Federal Dumb Ass I wish they would go after big Pharma the same way they are attacking a natural product. I guess they aren’t being paid off as much. Every year more and more commercials are on TV regarding drugs that have been previously approved by the FDA, that have been found to have severe side effects including death. In my humble opinion the FDA needs and enema.
  4. habanos1972

    Is this a shark?

    Always good to get someone involved from the Marine Division. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. habanos1972

    Is this a shark?

    I think you took a picture of the elusive covfefe. You can see the dorsal fins do vary from species. These are sharks indigenous to my waters off New Jersey. So it could be... good eyes...
  6. habanos1972

    What the "F" is this?

    Forget "What the fox say" I want to know what the Platypus say. Sent from my SCH-I800 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Just landed today! Sent from my SCH-I800 using Tapatalk 2
  8. habanos1972

    What happened to Horror films?

    I just watched The Lords of Salem, save your time and money for a better movie. I was disappointed in it. If this is Rob Zombies last horror movie, it was a big stinker.
  9. Thanks for all the input, one week to go and I can't wait.
  10. habanos1972

    What happened to Horror films?

    Has anyone seen Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie? I read that it is his last horror film. I realy enjoyed what he did with the Halloween franchise.
  11. Thank goodness for gps, lol.
  12. habanos1972

    Affleck as Batman?

    I agree that Ben is a bad choice. When he was cast to play Jack Ryan in the Sum of all fears he ruined that franchise too. I hope I am wrong about him this time, but my gut tells me otherwise.
  13. Staying at the Marriott on the beach, and yes I love Belgian beers, Chimay Blue is my favorite.

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