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  1. Coming out of the woodwork to comment on this one. "Trading" at a fair and reasonable price is the thing I miss most about the old days of the Trading Forum at CA. Rarely any gouging or profiteering there. Too bad it's gone.
  2. Been a while since I posted on FoH, but no better place than to jump in here. Think rosewater and you'll get the soapy/floral profile. A little old lady at our church used to make rosewater cookies and that's exactly what the taste was. My only experience with RoyRobs was from a box I bought like this and couldn't figure out why everyone else loved theirs so much. Maybe not what the OP was referring to, but that's what I experienced.
  3. str8dog

    New heros needed

    Give "The Black Keys" a listen.
  4. Hey JS. Had the same experience a few years ago in Toronto with my old girl (my dog Patch, not Mrs. str8dog) when she was about 15 yrs old. She didn't move too fast anymore but was off leash and walking about 6 feet away. Bylaw officer escorted by a copper in a squad car dished me out a ticket for a similar amount to yours. I did go to court on the off chance the bylaw guy didn't show. He was there so a not guilty plea wouldn't have gone far. Anyway,to the important part ... discussion/deal with the prosecutor before the trial began had me plead guilty and fined $30. Saved a couple hundred dollars for a few hours out of the office. Just FYI BTW, doze puppies are sooooo cute!!!
  5. Palio's my gold standard, but been using a punch more lately
  6. Welcome aboard Mauricio!
  7. Not usually a big Bordeaux fan, but the '82 Chateau Palmer that I was invited to share was a sublime Margaux.
  8. I like mine just below room temp with a drop of water, so what I do is drop in a filtered water ice cube and stir it with my finger for about 10 seconds, then pull the ice out and set it aside for a little replay when the dram is done.
  9. Cheesy Party Mix, BBQ Chippies, Pecan Butter Tarts, Kawartha Dairies Bear Claw ice cream ... but as long as they are not in the house, they don't call my name!

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