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  1. nathankwok

    Same Code

    Totally agree with you!!
  2. Where can i get these custom rolled cigars?? I really want to try some of them!
  3. Can FOH import and sell some custom rolls? I am sure they will be a very popular items if FOH has them.
  4. Anyone know where can i get this humidor at a reasonable price?
  5. WOW!! Congratulations!! Where did you get this? How much did you pay for this beautiful humidor!?
  6. nathankwok

    Interesting Cigar Accessories

    I have seen this and it cost HKD 3,888 (around USD 500). I do agree that the ashtray is too small and it only large enough to hold 1 cigar's ash.
  7. nathankwok

    H. upmann, which one?

    I love royal robusto! They taste so good even when they are young! You should definitely try one!
  8. Yes, 8 is a lucky number in Asia, 8 means wealthy, hence they made 8888 boxes 😂
  9. Please put me on the waiting list when there is one for this Cohiba humidor. [emoji5] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have tried this cigar in a PCC event. They sell it for HKD 2,140 for a box of ten. This is a mild or mild to medium bodied cigar.
  11. If FOH is able to get a few of these, how can we pre-order this humidor?
  12. I saw some website stated EUR 3,800 but not available yet. However, it not easy to get one as there are only 1966 humidors made and Cohiba's humidor is always in high demand.
  13. Thank you for the replies and information! I saw this humidor from an auction site and was planning to get it if the price was reasonable. I am intending to buy it for collect purpose as this humidor looks very special to me (the way how to open it). I have no idea about the history and significance or importance of this humidor and that's why i try to ask people if they have any information regarding this item. I guess i better to ask some industry's experts and hopefully i am able to get the answer. Thanks again for all the contribution!

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