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  1. CigarAsh


    This is the only Serenity movie that counts for me:
  2. CigarAsh

    MLS Cup

    While I'm crushed my Sporting KC wasn't in the finals after folding against Portland at home a week ago - it's really cool to see this level of attendance and enthusiasm around soccer in the US. I grew up playing soccer in high school and college (played for fun until I was 50) and remember the old North American Soccer League days (with Pele) trying to popularize the game in the US. Every time I see a burst of enthusiasm about soccer here I think, "soccer has finally arrived in the US". Maybe this is finally the generation where it will take off in popularity and attendance. My two 20+ year old sons are both really into professional soccer. With European and MLS games on TV almost all year long - the visibility is as high as ever. I just hope the US national team can get their act together and start producing some results.
  3. I had bilateral total knee almost exactly 2 years ago. Yes, I did both at the same time. So glad I did because I just got it over with. My knees were a mess from a lifetime of soccer injuries. Had 3 different knee surgeries in my younger days to clean out torn cartilage. Had a blown ACL that I never had repaired - just rehabbed and strengthened and went about life. I continued to play soccer until about 50, continued playing racquetball and snow skiing. Never let it slow me down. But mid 50s, the wear and tear finally took its toll and I got to the point where I couldn't walk up and down the hills necessary to even enjoy a round of golf. My friends told me it was painful just watching me try and get around. So I went all in and got both replaced at same time. The change it's made in giving me back my quality of life and mobility has been worth the couple months of pain and rehab torture I went through. The nerve block is an excellent idea. They did it for me and gave me about 36 hours worth of no pain before it wore off. The first night after it wore off was pretty miserable until they got my pain meds dialed in properly (dosage and frequency). Careful with the pain management afterwards. The heavy opioids are effective but a little addictive. And they'll give you crazy constipation - take a lot of laxatives. If you can - go into the surgery in the best shape you can manage, it will help you in the rehab stage. I spent 3 days in the hospital, was discharged home and had a home health rehab specialist come into the house every day for 2 weeks. I told her I'd do everything she told me to do and more - I wasn't going to half ass the rehab and ruin the surgery outcome. 8 days after the surgery, a friend picked me up and took me to my favorite cigar place for an afternoon just to get me out of the house. I walked in and out with no assistance. It was slow and kinda goofy looking, but I wasn't going in there with a walker! After about 10 days, I was able to get up and down the stairs in my house (about 15 steps up to the man cave). Once I hit that milestone, the rehab push intensified and my strength and stamina really started coming back. I went back to work at 3 weeks for half days or so - as much as I had strength for. I was driving myself to work and to rehab - short drives so no long periods of inactivity. About 10 weeks after the surgery, I was on the golf course (driving range only - it was a nice February day) and hitting golf balls. Took it easy just because I didn't know what to expect but didn't have any pain from it. At 12 weeks I considered myself pretty much over the worst of it and was really happy with the outcome. 2 years out now and I'm doing all the things I love - but have traded in racquetball for pickleball (a little slower paced). Good luck with your surgery - work hard and come back strong! P.S. I've got a a gruesome picture of my knees when they took off the bandages before all the staples came out. If you want an idea of what it'll look like, I'll send to you. Don't think the rest of the board really wants to see that!
  4. CigarAsh

    Online Dating Sites?

    Ok. We're all just assuming, but you're just "asking for a friend", right? 😃
  5. My son gave me this shirt for Xmas.
  6. CigarAsh

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Breckinridge bourbon's need to be on that list. Their regular Bourbon has always been good, But, Their relatively new Port Barrel Aged bourbon is amazing.
  7. In grade school, we used to have "free-for-alls". The boys would be outside playing at recess, and someone would yell "free-for-all" and whatever we were doing would just stop and it would turn into a giant scrum, wrestling match, dog pile mess of boys. It was awesome. We were boys being boys. I still have the chipped front tooth from a head butt I took during a free-for-all.
  8. CigarAsh

    Your worst of days.......

    Congrats Joe!! I may never see you at the Outlaw again!
  9. I went long on the GEs when they came out. I've always thought they were excellent. I had a couple a few weeks ago at a duck club outing (just shooting clays this time of year). First third of cigar was good, but not great. I was afraid maybe they had peaked and were going past their best smoking period. Last half of cigar was outstanding. Cream and chocolate, very smooth medium body. Enjoyed it immensely. But still wondering how much humidor life they have left. Guess I'll keep smoking what I have just to make sure I'm getting them at their best.
  10. Soccer - I played through high school and college. Then played for pure fun well into my 40s. Love almost everything about the game. But at the highest level the offside rule is a joke. It's nearly impossible to properly judge for the sidelines ref - it's called wrong as often as it's called right. But worst of all - it compresses that game to about 1/3 of the field for 20 players to occupy and results in really poor offense and the ever boring 0-0 draws. Eliminate offsides, and the game expands immeasurably by opening up the field for the offense. Soccer could be a much more exciting and high scoring game with this simple change. And I agree about heavy fines and suspensions for the flagrant dives and simulations. If I never see Neymar writhing in pain on the ground like a sniper just shot him, I'm fine with that.
  11. There have been some memorable bad shows I've seen over the years, but I'll vote for the show that was also the best concert I've been to, as well as my first ever. 1972, I was just a lad in junior high school, T-Rex was coming to town. They were the one hit wonder on the radio at the time. They had some opening act that no one really knew anything about. I think their name was the Doobie Brothers. We just wanted to hear T-Rex do "Bang a Gong". Well, the Doobie Brothers were just releasing the iconic "Toulouse Street" album and played most of it. They absolutely slayed the crowd and we went wild. Great performances, stage pyrotechnics - they were amazing. Half hour after their set, T-Rex comes on and just dies. I mean the crowd was stunned into silence by how bad they were after the epic performance we had just witnessed with the Doobie Brothers. Half the crowd was gone by the time they finished their set. Since it was my first concert ever, I didn't have anything to compare it to. But over the years, it stills stands out for the absolute best concert I've ever seen - and the huge contrast with how bad the lead act was. Will never forget it.
  12. Always had good luck with these sheets. Have just a small bit of self-adhesive on them so they stick at the ends when label is wrapped around cigar.
  13. CigarAsh

    when children run wild...

    This actually happened in my neighborhood. It's about 5 minutes from my house. It's not an art gallery. It one of our city community centers for the use of the city residents and anyone who joins. It has a gym, outdoor swimming pool, meeting rooms that local business can rent out and in this case, use for a wedding reception. And for some reason it has a room for showcasing local artwork. Probably part of the public law where 1% of any public construction job has to be for "artwork" (I use quotes around "artwork" because they spend a lot of money on a lot of crap and call it art). They're not exactly an art gallery used to exhibiting work and thinking the process through. Just a bunch of city employees trying to meet some bureaucrats mandate to show off some local art. I feel bad for the woman. Something seemingly small gets blown up by today's social media. And yes, @PapaDisco, there's art in KC - but not much of it in this little out of the way location. The $132,000 pricetag is the artists overinflated value for his work. That's his claim for what it's worth, not what anyone would actually pay for it.
  14. CigarAsh

    Gibson Guitars

    I've heard a lot of knowledgeable guitar players say that Gibson's guitars the past several years were just not up to standards, especially considering the premium price Gibson charges. The fit/finish aspect was really hit or miss. They were pressuring stores that carried their product to buy large quantities of product at beginning of each year instead of more on demand small batch purchases. Drove a number of small shops out of carrying Gibson because they couldn't afford to hold the inventory - that and they were pissed about the quality. Considering the recent bankruptcy reorg - it all makes sense. They were bleeding cash and were apparently looking to improve cash flow by cutting corners and pressuring their distribution system. It's really opened the door for smaller manufacturers to grow and get a toehold - notably Paul Reed Smith (PRS) who is making some really gorgeous guitars.
  15. As a loyal Skins fan, everyone admires your restraint in not calling for a lifetime ban!

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