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  1. Dear BOTL, It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of my father (aka Montaigut). He passed on November 23rd, in France, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. My brother and I were fortunate to have been able to visit with him in his final week and to be there with him when he passed. My father was a great man; a fantastic Dad, professional engineer, intellectual, runner, fisherman, friend to all and a true gentlemen. He was full of love, life, knowledge, wisdom and had a tremendous gift to make everyone feel welcome and better at having known him. We will miss h
  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the responses. I'll ask Rob if he has any of those box codes in stock. Cheers!
  3. Hi Gang, How are the recent production of CoRo and Esplendidos smoking of late? In the past, my experience with the CoRo have varied from magnificent to boring. As for Esplendidos, I've always wanted to have a nice box on hand for special occasions, but I have only sampled a few (all of which I have enjoyed). It would be nice to find a cracker box of each! Cheers, Simon
  4. Xikar Soft Flame and Table Top triple-burner are my faves.
  5. I know precisely what you mean. I had this EXACT same experience with a Monte 2 about a month ago. I don't know what the box code was, as I had acquired it in a box split, however it had been in my humidor for a good 4 months before I fired it up. I've had great Monte 2's in the past and this was anything but. It had all of the characteristics of a decent stick by appearance: good construction, nice wrapper...but alas, upon ignition and through out the entire smoke it was as if there was no flavour at all! It was a major disappointment. I tossed it half way through and fired up a Party
  6. FoH Blind Tasting 2012: Cigar 1 Date: March 25, 2012 Marca: Unknown Vitola de Galera: Merevas Introduction: This is a "Father and Son" review done over a Skype connection (Canada – France). Each of us is participating in the FoH Blind Tasting Challenge and thought it might be fun to share in the experience. The following is a collective review. Individual observations and experiences are denoted by an (F) for father and an (S) for son. Appearance & Construction: - Good wrapper, near flawless - Good construction - Cap cracked after cutting (S)
  7. Interesting...I have wondered the same thing myself and look forward to reading the replies to this question. Better yet, I should get some singles of each to test it out for myself...
  8. The last one I had was stellar. Very Sir Winston-ish. I have since ordered a box!
  9. Great review, Aizuddin. Way to power through that animal! It's been about a year since you posted this review and I thought it might be fun if you could do a follow-up review. I am very interested to see the effect of a year's worth of aging on a box like this. That is assuming you still have some left to review with? Thanks, Simon
  10. Interesting...does having three columns per cigar imply that we will be submitting our top three guesses per cigar? Man, this is going to be fun! Simon

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