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  1. That is funny stuff, Claudius. Do they never smoke these soggy cigars? LOL OTOH, the mites may provide a little added complexity - that meaty flavor a cigar smoker craves sometimes.
  2. wife just said she wants to change hers to giant purple vibrator.
  3. the wife said green hammer if anyone is keeping score. :-|
  4. my experiences are limited, but i always prefer an overly dry cigar to an overly wet one. I also prefer a razor sharp cutter and try not to clip anything but cap. :-D loose rolls don't perform well at the 60-62 RH of my humi; ditto honduran sticks with those thick filler leaves.
  5. That Prez guy would probably be homeless without you. :-D
  6. red drill. but I just finished giving my 4 yr old boy a bath - he's obsessed with his "drill" - so I'm not going to be too concerned.
  7. It's a free country - for a little while longer, at least. :-D I'd love to go. It sounds great. Got a new bike that I could buzz across the desert on - just like when I was a young'un. Do you have to shower regularly to smoke at the Wynn? :-|
  8. » » The supreme court upheld the 2nd amendment today. Maybe tomorrow they'll » » let us smoke our cigars in peace. » » » » http://www.comcast.net/articles/news-gener...26/Scotus.Guns/ » » hmmm... » » http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_count..._by_murder_rate » » and then click the image... » http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Map-world-murder-rate.svg » » hmmm... interesting to compare murder ratio in different countries... » example, some years Zimbabwe has been more safer then the us, and they got » a very loving dictator there.... and a very stable culture, but they do » have a lots of guns and a very open gun market.... dont get me wrong I » love the us, did my senior high school year there, attended both MIT and » Stanford and going there several time every year... but sometimes the » facts just get me thinking... » but what do get me upset is that sometime people get the word freedom and » anarchy mixed up... » » cheers If the people don't agree with the Constitution then it should be amended, but until then the court has an obligation to uphold the rights we have held for hundreds of years, IMO. I find it curious that some find a "right to abortion" in the document, but question the "right to bear arms", despite the absence of the former phrase and the clear presence of the latter in the Constitution.
  9. Congrats! Looks like he's going to be a big, handsome fella.
  10. » if you go mag 46's, either get them aged or leave them for a mini,um of 18 » months. makes a hell of a difference. I must have got lucky with the singles I have. These have been just beautiful since 2 weeks after they arrived; perhaps my favorite smoke currently. In fact, I've been dreaming almost exclusively about poker, HU 46s, and this unbelievable young gal I see from time to time. :-D
  11. Later start times work for me - any day is fine. Sign me up! Thanks, Rob!
  12. I like that one. I wonder why Lisa hasn't chimed in with a chuckle? :-D
  13. I see this not as anti-American, but anti-lawyer. Of course, the dummies on our juries and the loony culture of victimization that is taught in our schools is also to blame, IMO.
  14. » Not long to go now. Just need about a 1k drop in a month. Fingers » crossed! Looks like I was WAY too optimistic with 13344. I don't see any economic recovery happening until after the presidential election. If Obama is elected, I suspect there will be a honeymoon between the President and the media unlike any other. That should boost consumer confidence nicely.
  15. if i'm not mistaken, that would be thursdays at 5 pm for folks in the pacific time zone?

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