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  1. AntiVirus


  2. Welcome aboard Nathan! Always nice to see another South Aussie on here!
  3. I'm in the Adelaide region. As Duxnutz has stated there a few on a Facebook group and I'm sure we can organise something.
  4. Welcome. Nice to see someone else from Adelaide on here!
  5. There has been numerous topics on ideal storage conditions yet few if any on ideal smoking conditions. As much as storage conditions play a part in how a cigar performs there are other factors that can be taken into account such as the weather, temperature, relative humidity, previous storage conditions, inside/outside plus others such as psychological factors etc. These factors effect the flavour, burn and overall experience of a cigar to varying degrees. I realise that each cigar is an individual and even if all conditions are ideal it's possible you're still going to have a bad experience.
  6. Yeah you can bring in 12 no problems. When I went there earlier in the year the limit was 25 cigars. Or approx 250 grams of tobacco. I also went to Pattaya they have a LCDH there. Pretty standard selection, nothing special. There was a couple of other shops I saw didn't bother checking them out. Prices similar to Aus though, so you're better off bringing your own. If you're going through Bangkok, the selection there is also pretty average, prices are better online. Pattaya is pretty cool, you're gonna have a good time!
  7. '10 RASSC followed closely by a H Upmann Travel Humidor Robusto.
  8. I have the new style on a box of Partagas Aristocrats ORQ MAY 13
  9. The worst miss I have ever seen! I was watching the match at the time and I couldn't believe it. Made sure we(SA) lost the match

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