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  1. Wore New Balance exclusively for almost 20 years however about 3-4 years ago I noticed their quality fell off a cliff. They focused more on aesthetics and looks at the expense of the quality build they used to have. Switched to Brooks and am now onto my third pair and could not be happier. High quality, well, built shoes...what New Balance used to be. I wear the Glycerin line and highly recommend them as the cushioning is like nothing I have experienced in a runner. Definitely try a bunch and see what works best for you.
  2. Just wanted to take a second to say thanks to all who have weighed in on this topic. No doubt I can appreciate the frustration and feeling of ground hog day when the same questions and fallacies come up over and over but, rest assured, the time you take to respond is much appreciated and is certainly helpful in assisting us in gaining a better understanding of this critical component of protecting and enjoying this hobby. All the instructional videos on lighting and cutting a cigar certainly seem like overkill but delving into this desire to create a relatively stable, ideal RH environment for our cigars to maximize the enjoyment can certainly get incredibly complicated! Nonetheless, with each discussion I read I do learn something new so thank you again to all for taking the time to post!
  3. Interesting post and something I have been giving some thought to for a while as well. I have been playing with the relative humidity calculator linked below. You put in a temperature and RH and it calculate the grams of H2O per kg of air. If we go on the assumption that the ultimate goal is to maintain a steady level of H20 in the air the RH needs to adjust as the temperature fluctuates. For example, if we put in 20 degrees Celsius and 65RH it calculates 9.6g/kg of water. Assuming that is the level we are aiming for and the temperature in the humidor drops to 17 degrees, the new required RH to maintain the same water content of 9.6g/kg is roughly 75% RH. Keeping the RH at 65% @ 17 degrees would drop the water content in the air to just 7.88g/kg. Worth noting, that the RH needs to go up as the temperature falls which makes sense as warmer air can hold more moisture. So if I am reading your question correctly, I think I am on the same page. It would be awesome to have an active humidification device that you set for the desired g/kg of H20 and the RH is adjusted based on the temperature. I think this would achieve the desired end result which is the same water content in the humidor regardless of temperature which is ultimately the goal. Definitely open to hearing the more educated members thoughts here as this is relatively new territory for me.
  4. Pretty sure there are a few things in play here. The question being asked here is, as a consumer if packaging matters. The battle against plain packaging is a different question and that is whether the nanny state should be imposing these ridiculous guidelines on a perfectly legal product. It is about the boundaries that many feel governments have overstepped. Further, the additional costs plain packaging put on already challenged retailers who have to comply. I think it is quite logical to have two views on this when asked from a consumer lens or a retailer lens or simply one who is opposed to large, nanny state governments and their ideologue mentality and desire to tell consenting adults how to live.
  5. Just absolutely ridiculous! Simply cannot believe the incompetence our current government has exhibited across numerous fronts with this being just the latest example. The fact that the vast majority of people have no issue with these restrictions being placed on their rights and free will is simply astonishing. The expansion of the nanny state truly knows no bounds.
  6. Schumi5

    Cigar shops in Canada

    Hi Brad, You will see plenty of incredible things during your trip to our fine country and provinces; cigar prices will definitely not be one of the highlights! With that being said, there are some great local stores in Vancouver. City Cigar is by far the best in my opinion and well worth the trip. I would also add Revolucion to your list which is located in Yaletown in downtown Vancouver. In Calgary, I think Zigarren is your best bet. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any info as I know both Calgary and Vancouver well.
  7. Schumi5

    Bon Voyage Greg

    All the best Greg and thanks for all the great work you did for us all!
  8. Schumi5

    Who's been keeping me away?

    Congratulations! Wishing you all the very best.
  9. Stating the obvious, but there are a few of ways get to a revenue increase: sell more units at the same price, sell more at a higher price or sell less at a higher unit price. I suspect I know the answer, but I would be curious to see the unit numbers behind the revenue increase. Are they selling more cigars or simply selling less, more expensive cigars. If Habanos' goal is to increase its consumer base the answer to that question should be very important. Prez, any chance you have some insights on the actual sales volume increase/decrease year over year adjusted for pricing changes?
  10. Cabagiuan and Tatuaje would be my two suggestions. I am not certain if they are most Cubanesque because they share similarities with Cubans or because they are so different than many NC pepper bombs if that makes any sense. Either way, they are enjoyable smokes that I can enjoy in the rotation and not feel regret for not having had a Cuban instead.
  11. H Upmann Connie A and Lot 40 Cask Strength to drink. Connie A's quickly becoming a legend and the Lot 40 CS is a complete game changer for Canadian whisky. Tough to find but just an absolute cavalcade of flavour.
  12. Schumi5

    Checking infrom Vancouver

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow Vancouverite!

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