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  1. North Shore, Heinz Field, PNC Park, Rivers Casino and all kinds of restaurants make for a great day. Good win for the Steelers, they needed it. I bet it was rocking when Fitzpatrick had his pick 6. The wife and I try to get to at least one game a year and fortunately my work has a suite that I get invited to once every couple of years. Weather was perfect for football. Looks like you were on the home side so you probably lost the sun in the second half. Hope you enjoyed!
  2. To me, an aged SLR delivers the flavors that you are looking for. Unfortunately the DC and Series A are MIA and Churchills are discontinued. Regios are the only readily available option....
  3. I am pretty sure that the main brands (Cohiba/Monte/Party/Upmann etc..) don't do regional releases.
  4. Politics and cigars don't usually mix well.
  5. Welcome from Cranberry TWP Pa
  6. A very sad day. RIP my friend.
  7. I've been in IT for 20+ years and always used a PC. Never an issue.... But I am sure this isn't what Rob intended this thread to turn into.

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