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  1. Just the harsh lighting in the kitchen. They look run of the mill, though the sancho's are lighter in shade than the monte's
  2. Christmas sampler, some quarter boxes, and some D4's from 24:24
  3. rhodges

    The Audio Files

    Primaluna tube integrated amp, VPI Scoutmaster turntable, Lehmann phono preamp, PS Audio DAC, Elac UniFi floor standers, and a mixed bag of cables
  4. I bought a bottle of boss hog in 2016 for considerably less than what they cost now. It's a good pour if you like barrel proof whiskey, but not at $400 per bottle. I do prefer it over Handy however.
  5. Just another day on the high lines
  6. I’m a transmission lineman (power lines on tall metal towers) so during the summer months they all qualify!
  7. These have become staples for me!
  8. I’m the odd man out. I prefer the short
  9. would love some help as well @ElJavi76
  10. I've tried food from a lot of different ethnic origins, the only thing i can't eat is boiled eggs! 🤢
  11. Another 24:24 arrival from our gracious host. Anyone have a recommendation on how long to put these away?
  12. rhodges

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    is that a 50 cab of RG Perlas?
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