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  1. welcome to FOH from SC!
  2. Construction: Top notch! The wrapper was covered in oil and also darker than the pictures show. Pre-Light: Dark tobacco, barnyard, and sweetness. The draw is spot on. First Half: Mostly toasted tobacco and chocolate and of course the "cuban twang" which i don't understand because a twang is a noise, but that's another conversation. Second Half: The toasted tobacco has eased off and the chocolate has remained. A tart dark fruit note has emerged to the foreground and it is wonderful! It's almost like a gastrique made from ripe dark fruit. The cigar did turn bitter a little quicker that i would have liked but i'm sure time will correct this issue. Score:91
  3. I have half of a 2010 cab left and they are excellent! Currently waiting on a PSP box to show up on 24:24. If i were you i would buy a new production box asap and smoke your 14's slowly. Time it right and your second box will have some age on them. Just my 2 cent
  4. i use 65% beads, usually registers 64-65 in the middle of my wine cooler and averages 65-70 degrees F
  5. Got a text from my local store owner that he had something special for me. Shopping at one store and establishing good relationships has paid off the past couple of years!
  6. I have a few of these sticks left from a 2010 cab of 50 but i ditched the box as it was taking up too much room so no box code. This cigar was paired with a nitro cold brew with a touch of cream added. While this drink may have influenced my taste more than pairing it with water, it was an absolute knock out! Initial thoughts: Construction appears to be great. The cigar is firm with no soft spots and the foot shows no signs of under filling. Wrapper is on the lighter side with a little bit of sheen, but nothing to write home about. Pre-light: Sweet dark tobacco and the draw is a touch firm but definitely smokable. First third: Cigar opens with a dark earthy flavor for initial puffs and settles into dark chocolate, espresso, and leather. Second third: Absolute cocoa bomb! Taste like hot chocolate with a very strong sweetness that is similar to the way the marshmallows melt into the cocoa. Final third: Continuing with the cocoa and marshmallow with notes of really dark chocolate. The cigar has become stronger but not in that acrid way a younger cigar does. Score: 95 This cigar was an absolute delight! Sure wish i had another 50 cab sitting around from the same period. I'll be keeping my eye out for a box on 24:24 to lay down. If memory serves me right these were not HQ nor PSP. I Can only imagine how those would be after a 9 year nap!
  7. Easter weekend special. Side note, the wrapper on the maduro 5's is THICK!
  8. Boli PC from 2010 with a nitro cold brew, my new favorite drink for cigars. Cigar taste like hot cocoa with melted marshmallows and toasted nuts! Sure wish I had another cab of these.
  9. Had an Upmann connie 1 paired with a nitro cold brew to start the day. Excellent combo!
  10. After yesterday’s disappointing La Punta I decided to try another first. This cigar did not disappoint. It had flawless construction and burn! Pre-light: wrapper is pale but has a nice light sheen, draw is perfect and taste of hay and barnyard. First third: opening notes taste of wood and tea leaves. Shortly after becoming wood and cream. Second third: still wood and cream with perhaps a slight nutty after taste. Reminds me of putting a wooden coffee stirrer in my mouth after having stirred in my cream. Truly a delight. Final third: beginning to taste bitter like a build up of tar so slower draws are a must, causing one relight. Cream has faded but still getting dry wood. Score: 90 while some would call this cigar one dimensional or lacking complexity I quite enjoyed it. It’s a great smoke that doesn’t demand to much attention to enjoy. I was however disappointed I didn’t find the salt everyone talks about, I was very eager to experience that flavor in a cigar. I still have several left so I’ll see how they come along.

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