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  1. Massive fan, it's the brand that got me into all this!! Think that the Belly is the best mellow pyramid out there
  2. 40-45 as often Robusto is an "outdoor whilst doing something" smoke - horse racing, golf etc - smoke so it goes a little quicker...
  3. Too long since I have done this but had a few nice smokes in Dusseldorf when over there last weekend for a wine show (Prowein) Hoyo - Grand Epicure EL 2013 - dark and quite un Hoyo like in appearance a lot of good tobacco but totally one dimensional at this stage and as a result not that enjoyable, a tad tight too Partagas Short (REA April 2010) - Lovely as ever, quite mellow but flavourful Bolivar Short Bolivar - Asia Pacific release 2008 - the pick of the three, has a rich Bolivar DNA and delivers from the off, nice
  4. Great stuff!! have a good one, drink and smoke well!!
  5. have had two, one really pretty good, one a tad under filled and therefore bland and hot…seems that's a fair summary of them
  6. I would say most Bolivar are masculine also PSDN4 is clearly a masculine cigar
  7. Good luck with it, it can be massively rewarding experience…I started mine as an experiment and over 200 posts later…. defo with getting on twitter too to spread the word... Cheers

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