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  1. Multi series recommendation: All on Netflix Daredevil Iron Fist Luke Cage Jessica Jones Punisher The Defenders All based on the Marvel universe for multiple seasons. Each series is self contained but some of the characters appear in other series. Very entertaining!
  2. Incredible job! As a retired architect I can appreciate the thought and skill that went into this project! Certainly a better use of time than watching game of thrones reruns!
  3. All I want to know is how do you keep them that long? My boxes last 2-3 months max.
  4. Ramsey: How do you like that cigar? Hunter: It’s good, sir. Ramsey: It’s your first? Hunter: Yeah. Ramsey: Well, don’t like it too much. They’re more expensive than drugs. Crimson Tide
  5. Dog: Dancing again? Horse: I wish he would get off me. She keeps stepping on my hoof!
  6. Wow! Thanks for letting me enjoy a cigar I would most likely never be able to smoke. Awesome review!
  7. Xikar for sure! Use my 10 count for trips to Vegas! Works great!
  8. Sorry for your loss. Dogs are great companions. May you find solace in the memories of him.
  9. Ateam the Addams family columbo banacek scarface terminator goodfellas darkest hour apocalypse now the good the bad and the ugly
  10. I don’t mind the special packaging, however, I would rather have an extra stick or 2 and plain packaging.
  11. Come on guys! These are all great but how could you not include
  12. Sadly I have not been a basketball fan since Walt Frazier! Upon the constant urging of my brother in law I decided to watch. Hooked like a fish on a line I watched all 10 episodes and wish I did not miss all those games. The man was simply incredible.

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