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  1. Many thanks for this posting, Nino. All the best, Michel
  2. Merry Christmas to all of you! All the very best, Michel
  3. Thank you very much for your work! All the best, Michel
  4. I'm finishing a 2009 box of these (light wrappers; OBU MAY 09) at the moment. They were very good from the time I received them and are fantastic right now.
  5. Hi Frank, Thanks for the fridge advice, I'll try that! All the very best, Michel
  6. And so that was the reason! Many thanks for your answer Frank. My question was not only to have the pleasure to recontact you but had also practical point: I have been given a few dozens of cigars which had been over-humidified for years and which I am currently trying to revive. They have already spent two to three months in my humidor but that appeared not to have been sufficient and I am now dry-boxing a few at a time but after already five days the ones I have tried to smoke have still no real taste. Do you think it is possible to kill a cigar by over-humidifying it? All the very best, Michel
  7. Many thanks for the review Frank. A question though: dry-boxing for 10 days seems an awful long time. Could you explain the reasoning behind it? All the very best my friend. Michel
  8. Thanks for this review. I received a few days ago a couple of these, probably also from 2019. The first few puffs gave me a taste I have been looking for for years without finding it in large amount in other cigars: Graham crackers! Following this discovery I ordered this morning a 10-box of these. That said I think these need to age for a few years before reaching their full potential. A good point with these short cigars is their slow combustion. I enjoyed the one I had for an hour and half and I am not a particularly slow smoker. All the best, Michel
  9. Thanks for reviewing one of my favourites. I have still a couple of boxes of these and your description is spot on with mine (minus the pairing with orange juice which I have never tried!). All the best, Michel
  10. Nice research and nice results, Frank. Well done! Best wishes, Michel
  11. Interesting, thanks for the short review Ryan. Best, Michel

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