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  1. Ok, I’m up. Total 110 points Total 30 points Box will go out to @OllyBond Monday morning.
  2. Kilkerran, Springbank, Bunnahabhain
  3. Ultramarine - Blanc de blancs and Blanc de Noirs - 3 each
  4. Made every year at home, traditional Chouriço and a sausage of offal parts
  5. Nino just mentioned Mark. Great player. So many it’s hard to list them all. Satriani, Steve Vai, Leslie West never get enough credit. For me only, if I could only watch one performance live it would be Jimmy Page in his prime.
  6. It’s was drinkly very well. Love the meandro. 1/4 of the price and a good wine.
  7. Alright, puts and takes.... takes: La Fuerza TOS DIC 15 Upmann PC PET DIC 16 Upmann No 2 LUB OCT 14 RASCC AME JUL 13 puts: Boli CE (50 cab) POS FEB 07 Upmann Mag 46 (50 cab) PSL OCT 06 Hoyo DC (50 cab) BLU FEB 09 Hoyo Du Gourmet SOT JUN 11 LGC MdO No. 3 OSU OCT 00 Punch RS 11 ASB NOV 06 SLR Churchill PUT DIC 06 SLR Serie A (50 cab) EUS MAY 11 Party Lusi Gran Reserva 2007 1of 2 from the Habanos festival gala dinner *All cigars but the Lusi were purchased from Czar*
  8. Box in hand. All looks good. Just waiting for @Wertman to ok the puts and takes. Cheers.

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