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  1. In case there where any doubts! Here’s a real review by someone who has reviewed every case out their!
  2. The perfect draw will fit, under the Velcro is a small elastic loop made for a regular perfect draw, giving you more tool options.
  3. Those are cigar tools made by Troy Woodworks here in the US He makes a cigar poker using the Perfect Draw, cigar nub tool and stand. Also, under the standard Velcro cigar tool holders in the Sotelo case are elastic slots made to hold a regular perfect draw and pen.
  4. case hands down. You can actually see the action to detail and master craftsmanship, not to mention the leather is just ???
  5. Hello Lionfish,

    I need a little advise on an upcoming trip I am planning.  Would you be able to speak with me?

    It's in regard to documentation on re-entry to Stateside.  I will leave from Tampa and return to Tampa.  Just a quick 5 day trip.  I will want to bring back a mid sized haul, however, the questions I have are in regards to visitation docs.

    Any chance we could chat?


    I will send you my phone number, I am in New York

    Thanks in Advance

  6. 9 boxes of Dantes connie A's Mag 50 (25) Mag 50 (10) Mag 54 Mag 46 Sig VI and a few others...
  7. Thanks for the love guys, I must say Rob was a big help on giving me a list of rollers to go see and LCDH & Bars to visit. I've been going every month since Dec. my IG is @Cigar_Connoisseur And yes, I brought all this back by myself!... To date this is my 2nd biggest custom roll haul.. I leave again to Cuba on the 10th of July! ?? 6 bundles of Monsdales by Jorge 2 Bundles of Robusto Largo by Jorge 6 bundles of Elefantes by Juanita 1 bundle of pitite Churchill's by Juanita 4 bundles of Piramides by La China 2 bundles of Solamons by La China 1 bundle of pir
  8. Facturas are only written for complete boxes of cigars and will not be given for custom rolls... Some shops don't like to give facturas because of the "extra work" they have to do (hand written receipt) it's like pulling teeth... Cuban customs allow 2 bundles/ boxes of cigars to go on your checked luggage with no issues, anything more they will pull the bag off the loading cart and call your name over the loud speaker and ask for receipts/facturas. I usually have everything on my carry on and never have issues...
  9. I'm just gonna be sitting like this resting my fingers until go time... Getting that itch to just buy everything (again)! Oh! And hi Lisa!!!! You are missed!!! Manny-
  10. lionfish323


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