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  1. shlomo

    LCDH Doha - Garbage!

    Almost every single LCDH and any B+M I have ever been in has always kept their RH high. One major reason is to combat against the constant opening and closing of the door to the humidor. The constant air exchange is not helpful to cigars resting at all. Another is to help the tourist who comes into the shop, buys two cigars to bring home and only smokes them a day or two later. By then the RH will have dropped to a confortable level. You knew the cigar was stored at a high humidity, you still decided to drop $50 and smoke it on the spot....what did you expect?
  2. If it smokes to your liking, then you are fine. If it smokes harsh, drop humidity if it smokes too fast and flavorless, raise humidity. I'm sure others with sciency sensibilities will chime in. I like keeping it simple.
  3. Nice review, thanks! Dip 5s were the strongest Diplomatico of them all I felt. I did not like them at all, even with many years on them.
  4. shlomo

    Maduro class is in.

    We are talking about Cuba here. You think they have a batch of particularly Dark wrapper leaf and they don't just use it to roll Cohiba Maduro 5s and instead toss it out? "Classical" and "technical" go out the window when trying to fill quotas. That being said, early Magics and Secretos were unsmokeable. This first couple years were brutal. If it makes you happy, feel free to replace monte GE and RyJ Duke with Maduro 5. As for the Regalos, they just never lit properly, but I don't recall seeing any particularly Dark wrappers.
  5. shlomo

    Maduro class is in.

    Difficult to accurately say if maduro is sweeter or not as HSA does not produce identical cigars in multiple wrapper shapes as many NCS do (labelled or marked). One of my favorite cigars, NC or Cuban, is the Fuente 858. I much prefer the maduro as there is a deeper sweetness to it although much less consistency. Maybe Fuente colors their wrapper somehow and adds some artificial sweetness (as Cuba might as well) or maybe they are all natural with the reason for the darker shade leading to volatility in quality. Something similar in Cuba in terms of quality. Who remembers the dark, fireproof RyJ Duke and Monte GE wrappers? How easy is it to find a decent box of any maduro? Yuck.
  6. shlomo

    the left field.

    Not understanding what a higher temp has to do with mold. Someone care to explain it to me pls?
  7. shlomo


    The 8 was released as a limited edition to mark the 200 yr anniversary of the distillery. It proved to be so successful, that Lagavulin (Diageo) decided to add it to the core range. They are not limited anymore unless you find ones with the 1816-2016 labels. The 12 is an annual Diageo limited edition release. It is the only "regular" Lagavulin with no colour added and it is Cask strength as you mentioned. It is my favorite of the 4 easily found and affordable Lagavulins. There is also the Distillers Edition that is a 16 year old finished in Sherry casks which is delicious. $25 for a bottle of 8yr old is an exceptional price.
  8. Careful with those 681 from those two shops. Have had beetle outbreaks in sticks from 681 boxes from those exact shops in the past.
  9. Porn sites would get more traffic from montreal.
  10. This isn't Band of Brothers. It's the NFL, and it is all business. Davis did what he felt is best for himself for whatever reason. Happy trails man, hope you enjoy retirement.
  11. shlomo

    Rafael Gonzalez

    I've gone through many as well...and its always hit or miss for me. I won't buy anymore unless the price is impossible to ignore. Funny...on the forums there is so much love for them, but several people I hang with who are not online dislike them for the reasons I mentioned.
  12. shlomo

    Rafael Gonzalez

    Who the heck knows for the perlas? They have only been out for 5-6 years. So saying 5 years is a sweet spot is basing that on a very early release box. Not very helpful. RG for both perlas and PC are wildly inconsistent. What the cigar looks, smells and feels like are almost meaningless. Buying either of these two is akin to playing Russian Roulette. When you stumble on a great single or box, you don't want to ever smoke anything else. But....lots of duds out there too. A few years helps sometimes, but anything more than 2 years and the returns are not worth it anymore imo.
  13. shlomo

    Whiskey decanters and decanting

    decanting whisky will allow for the alcohol to evaporate first leaving you with a lower proof whisky. It makes it milder and gentler for sure, but after a certain amount of time, the whisky will lose its character. I would avoid decanting whisky into big decanters with a large surface area of the liquid exposed to air. Of course, if you plan on drinking the entire bottle of whisky relatively quickly, then little to no change will be noticeable.
  14. the stewed fruit! Don't sweat it brother, not a single person I know (who is not on this or other online forums) tastes stewed fruit in Ramon Allones.

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