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  1. shlomo

    Take 5

    Wow! Those PLPC are super dark! When was the last time anybody smoked a dark one like those? Last dark wrapper box I had on a PLPC was an awful experience. I much prefer Colorado or even a bit more pale wrapper. Have things changed with dark wrapper PLPC recently?
  2. Punch Lonsdale in a 3-4-3 a-la RA Grandes from Spain many years back.
  3. shlomo

    AP Regional Help

    Personally, I would hate to see a 50 cab. The price would be exorbitant. Look at the German PL Corona. 500+euro. Yes, they sold out fast, but to only a few who were quick enough or who had deep pockets. A 10-box for 100 euro is far more appealing and will allow more people to try and get their hands on some. I would like to see a Punch Lonsdale in a 3-4-3 box.
  4. Make sure temp is constant. Only way any of the data will be relevant. Aside from that...why? Is it curiosity or is there a theory or hypothesis floating around somewhere?
  5. shlomo

    What's in your glass today?

    The 105 is very good, but I must say I much prefer the Springbank, Tamdhu, Glendronach and Aberlour Cask Strength bottles over the Farclas.
  6. shlomo

    Cuban customs...

    Prohibited. Yet still found.
  7. That's a Rye made with Canadian whisky in Vermont if I'm not mistaken. Not exactly bourbon.
  8. shlomo

    Cuban customs...

    Importing Cuban tobacco into Canada is certainly possible and is done by some retailers. They then could have somebody roll the tobacco in Canada. There is almost no way to know for sure where that ugly cigar came from however. Prices are high across Canada due to taxes.
  9. I'll stick to 5.40 cuc RAAS regardless of what these will potentially cost.
  10. I thought so too. Palio has gone to shit over the past ever several years. Xikar has always been just ok, and their warranty is the only reason to buy. I am not happy to hear that the customer has to ship it into Xikar instead of just walking into the B+M. My cutter is going on 4-5 years strong now, but is ever so slightly starting to show some wear. I do almost always prefer a punch however, so I don't use it that often.
  11. I've seen a bunch of these and pretty much all of them had mold issues. The case is lovely, but as lotusguy states "pretty useless". The cigars, as long as the mold hasnt penetrated or changed colours, are very, very good. Keep an eye on them.
  12. "Lube it up and put it in from the back" Oh boy!
  13. shlomo

    Would this bother you?

    Depends. If the vendor has told me that they have inspected the box, as you do with "hand picked" etc..., and charge a premium for that service, then I would be annoyed. That's a significant amount of mold and very unlikely to develop in a couple days of transit. If I am buying blind, then shit happens. Wipe and smoke.
  14. Seeing as how the box will be in the thousands of dollars, I laugh, wish him the best of luck with the cigars, and buy something else!

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