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  1. Funny, I got rid of all my Selects Finos after smoking a few. I found them to be too strong, completely unbalanced and full of pepper. Reminiscent of young Tatuaje. Don Jose on the other hand have been remarkable. Wish I bought more when prices were sensible.
  2. I am an intolerant person for certain things, as are most of you. Simply lumping all intolerance together is ignorant and myopic.
  3. Telekinesis. Just like Professor X. One of my least favorite characters, yet the powers are the most appealing.
  4. Box codes are under the lid of the Vegueros tins. Nice review.
  5. shlomo

    24:24 TUESDAY

    5x Boli PC. Not even a question for me. Yes.
  6. shlomo

    FONSECA No.1- ROM JUL 16

    Had one with a same code last night. Excellent!
  7. I am saying that blends indeed exist, but factory workers with quotas roll cigars with whatever is at their disposal at the moment. The difference in taste between many cigars is negligible if at all present and the greatest influence on flavour is the vitola.
  8. "Blends"...haha B. At least there will be true variety based on vitola as opposed to a monotonous army of PCs with different "blends"...
  9. shlomo

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I just sold mine for 800 usd. Couldn't be happier to get rid of it!
  10. shlomo

    Distilled or Deionised?

    Distilled should be in any respectable apothecary/ pharmacy as mentioned above.
  11. shlomo


    The 2014 Feis Ile bottle is 19 years. That one is rare and easily $500+. Never heard of "Distillers Reserve". Any chance you have a pic?
  12. The horror! Won't somebody please think about the children?!?!....oh...wait...
  13. I bought a fair bit from them, never a problem except some mold here and there. Never bought any Cohiba or ELS however. I remember those fake GEs and the scumbags trying to a profit no less!!
  14. shlomo

    Take 5

    Wow! Those PLPC are super dark! When was the last time anybody smoked a dark one like those? Last dark wrapper box I had on a PLPC was an awful experience. I much prefer Colorado or even a bit more pale wrapper. Have things changed with dark wrapper PLPC recently?

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