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  1. Oh I get it, and at first I was beating my chest and grunting like a barbarian...hrugh hrugh MEAT, hrugh hrugh I'll show her, I'm a tough guy, lucky for her, vegan... I know the courts have "all" the details, I just prefer to know more for myself before I was having a shite day, so, there is that.
  2. It's pretty clear the man is looking for spice as in heat and pepper. Not cinnamon, nutmeg and baking spices. No need to delve too deep into his meaning.
  3. Partagas PCE Young RG Pera The occasional Punch Punch Sometimes I get pepper and spice from the new Vegueros offerings. Tatuaje is where the spice and pepper truly lives.
  4. I'm generally not a fan of Cohiba, but the siglo II, V, CE and Lancero are excellent. I stay away from most RyJ, but the Petit Churchill is lovely and the Cazadores is one of my favorite cigars. Old Vegueros was plain gross to me. New Vegueros is outstanding. Cuaba Divinos are divine and the Salomones puts the Partagas version to shame. Speaking of Partagas, Presidentes, shorts, E2 PCE, the rest....meh. Especially the lackluster and overhyped P2. Upmann and Boli can do no wrong aside from some weak tubo showings. The only marca that I have not explored in depth is Sancho Panza. I have smoked less than 20 cigars from this marca, and while none particularly stood out, none were so bad that I would avoid the entire marca moving forward. Essentially, there is no marca that I avoid. There are only specific vitola that I prefer over others.
  5. Could be due to whatever you ate/drank prior.
  6. RA is not "other"? more RA REs? Hahaha, that'll be the day.
  7. Are you certain version 1 is on the right? Mine, which I have had for a while now, is more similar to the one on the left, although it is fairly difficult to get a clear look at the teeth.
  8. Haven't been to a sports match in years. Won't change unless I'm travelling, which is rare. Better things to waste money on, plus I prefer playing the sport as opposed to watching. That being said, I have no issue with anybody spending any amount if they get enjoyment out it. To each their own.
  9. Mix it with coke. It'll last longer.
  10. So regular cigarettes are not allowed to be sold in Brazil?
  11. Funny, I got rid of all my Selects Finos after smoking a few. I found them to be too strong, completely unbalanced and full of pepper. Reminiscent of young Tatuaje. Don Jose on the other hand have been remarkable. Wish I bought more when prices were sensible.

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