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  1. shlomo

    Berlin LCDH

    Tesoro are tough to find, but apprently a few floating around still. I'm searching myself...If you come across enough for both of us in Germany, please let me know!
  2. shlomo

    Berlin LCDH

    Order online online and have them shipped to your sister's hotel. Simple.
  3. shlomo

    Tel Aviv 2019

    I like them, although I haven't had one in years....they were little flavour bombs. Don't know how they have aged.
  4. shlomo

    Tel Aviv 2019

    Yes. I know. I was happier paying 400 or so buying them in person.
  5. shlomo

    Tel Aviv 2019

    Those RA are excellent. I should have bought more when I could
  6. If you loved them as you said, why would you need to look for "something similar, but better"?? If you loved them as you said, then they are worth a box purchase. Why should others' opinions matter? Don't overthink cigars. If you like, you buy. If you don't like, then don't buy. Really very simple.
  7. Some would argue that cigar smoke coming out of rolled tobacco sticks are the same ( or very, very, similar) whether the cigar has a second band or not.
  8. shlomo

    The Tube Effect

    I have indeed seen much more mold as well as beetles in tubed cigars over the years, but never thought that the cedar would have been the culprit. I would have guessed that the cigar is the harborer of the spores, much more so than the cedar, and the reason for the increased mold and beetle activity is due to a sealed environment within the tube. I certainly have not experienced any more mold on cedar wrapped cigars (NC or CC) that are boxed with the wrapping, but not a tube. Interesting to read about other's opinions that the cedar may be the cause. I remain skeptical.
  9. shlomo

    The Tube Effect

    Is the cedar acting as a sort of vapour barrier that impedes the cigar from "breathing"?
  10. shlomo

    The Tube Effect

    Why would the cedar be to blame for the mold?
  11. What do you have against delicate, unique, snowflakes? Lol
  12. Respect for teachers. Or really just respect in general.
  13. shlomo

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    It is about the effects of war. It is very deep, especially the novels. 1, 2 and 4 are excellent imo. 3 in Afghanistan was awful.

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