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  1. RyJ Churchill. In that time it changed two Times. Around 2000 it still was for me like dried Grass, it rememberd me on autumn flowers, foliage and cinnamon. Very nice and unique. Then, ~2005 it became simply disgusting; bitter, metallic and rough. In that time it wasn't Sold that well so, in my theory, the cubans decided to keep them for 13 years and Label them as aged then and sell the same crab for twice the price - worked for them. Then, around 2011 - 2012 they changed once again into the cherry sticks we know and love today. So, happy end for Churchill.. 😉
  2. The questuon could also be: is it montes in a SP box or SP's with Monte Bands..?
  3. Best: bolivar poderoso, belux 13 Bolivar libertador, France 06 Worst: Juan Lopez maximo, Swiss year don't know. Punch poderoso, Swiss 09 I guess..
  4. 47%, was surprised that it is that much because i dont have that much robustos (just one box of hermoso #4)

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