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  1. BrandonW

    When did this start?

    As mentioned before, its to offset those stupid warning stickers. It started with EL Laguito. I have a few 2017 boxes with same offset stamp.
  2. BrandonW

    Running out of room!

    Your more than welcome to ship any cigars you cant fit, to me, while you wait for your new humidor. I have plenty of room in my walk in. I just cant promise if one or 2 wont get smoked
  3. BrandonW

    I was all ready...

    I own a company that sells, services and installs home/commercial stand by generators. You might be alittle far of a drive for me. Good luck on your search!
  4. BrandonW

    Diplomaticos #2 & VR Unicos

    Yea a genuine date code will have the 3 character factory code on top of the date code. Date code is 3 character for month and last 2 digits of the year. At best, these may be a cuban cigar but not genuine diplo or robania. Me personally id be pissed and want my money back but thats your call. On this other board or where ever, did you try to see if he had people backing him or had positive reviews?
  5. BrandonW

    LCDH Cancun stock

    Unusually dark wrappers that looked exactly like the "free custom rolled cigars" that he gave me, horrible leaves with caps that were doubled not tripled and the bands were loose. All cohiba boxes were laying down. When you picked up a cigar and stood it straight up, the band would slide to the foot. Everyone I picked up did this. He thought I didnt know cigars and told me they loosen up with age. There was a mixture of fake and real bands. The fake ones obviously not having the holograms. He had a box of 1966's with 7 cigars in it. All 7 cigars did not have the same length, loose bands and fake bands on 3 of them. They do have REAL cubans in there in the other brands, but the Cohibas are a tourist trap.
  6. BrandonW

    LCDH Cancun stock

    The LCDH in Cozumel has TONS of counterfeit cigars especially Cohiba. Every Cohiba I saw, when I went in January, was fake. They take Mexican cigars, rolled buy the guy name Jimmy who you will most likely find working there, and put genuine bands on them. Plus as mentioned prices are high. LCDH in Cozumel is a joke. According to the guy Jimmy who works there, the guy who owns the LCDH in Cozumel is the same guy who owns the one in Cancun whos name I cant remember off hand. Just be aware what may be lurking in the humidor in Cancun
  7. BrandonW

    Mardi Gras/New Orleans

    I would take you up on the offer but im on call that night for work. Stay with a group of people whenever you hit the town. Avoid going places by yourself. The criminals run rampant during Mardi Gras
  8. Where you at BrandonW, its been a long time.

    1. BrandonW


      Hey I just realized you sent me this message. I didnt get a notification. Just happened to stumble on it when I decided to click on my avatar to see what my profile says. How you been? I been on here almost daily now lurking seeing what good pops up on the daily deals

    2. PuffDaddie


      Always good deals stay tune.

  9. BrandonW

    The Ark has landed

    Very nice! Now the goal is to fill it and and build another
  10. BrandonW

    Do these boxes look right?

    Alot of reputable online suppliers ship you boxes that they shrink wrap in house with a boveda packet inside. This is to guarantee fresh cigars incase your order decides to take the "scenic route" when its on the way to you. If those were shrink wrapped glass top boxes, then id run
  11. BrandonW

    New México Regional

    I'll be hitting the LCDH in Cozumel in January. I'll see if they still have any left and for what cost. I know in the past ive seen counterfeit Cohibas being sold in that LCDH so i'll be checking to see if they trying to pass off some fake Edmundos.
  12. Power Lineman. I work on the high voltage lines that feeds homes and business'
  13. BrandonW

    Hello from Dublin!

    LOL thanks for the clarification. I think ill keep that one off my "things to eat before i die" list. Just regular chocolate pudding will do hahaha
  14. Hopefully in the near future all this crap dealing with Cuba and cuban cigars will subside. When that happens ill have the first LCDH in the US
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