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  1. In Brantford,Ontario where I live are still quite a few tobacco farms around not just on the Six Nation by the Grand Reserve
  2. We watched it down in Florida across from the Daytona International Speedway in 1990 and yes you could place bets on the players
  3. Look at the bright side,this would be one way to reduce the population of jellyfish
  4. When I flew into Frankfurt 6 yrs ago there was no sight of any security(Bundesgrenzschutz).As of cigar shopping I have no clue because I bought all my cigars at an LCdH in Stuttgart my hometown.However there's a cigarchain named 5th Avenue and I believe they're headquartered in Dusseldorf and have several shops throughout Germany
  5. I did nothing yesterday and today I try to finish it off.Just have had my 77th birthday and got some nice sticks from my grandkids
  6. Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  7. Happy New Year to everybody here on the FoH forum and stay safe🍾
  8. I'm getting my 3rd shot this friday(dec.10th).Never had any issues before.
  9. Cool,I have one like that too.It's from the 1930's and german.It was given to me by my best friend when my wife and I visited in germany 5 yrs ago

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