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  1. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch👍
  2. Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  3. Willkommen beim FoH forum und happy smokesvon einem Ex-Stuttgarter
  4. Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you🎄
  6. Very sad for me.The relationship with my whiskey is on the rocks
  7. You can't do everybody right.I will take the vaccine when it becomes available due to underlying health issues such as diabetes,pneumonia,bronchitis.All of that is genetic.That being said,We all have to make choices,some will die sick and others will die healthy.I'm having a good life but I also avoid by going overboard and my upper management aka my wife watches out for me
  8. Auch Eisener Wille braucht man.Meine Frau baeckt in letzter zeit wie ein Weltmeister und obwohl alles sehr gut schmeckt muss ich mich am Riemen ziehen da ich Diabetiker bin.
  9. and Chris Cuomo from CNN promised to send him a box of cigars last night since the fellows stick did get dunked
  10. Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  11. Welcome to the FoH and happy smokes

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