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    Gardening,good food and drinks,cigars and good company but above all comes my Family

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  1. I was raised with a bottle and I stay with the bottle.
  2. And if you see or find any politician who smokes a cigar,Hang'em for treason
  3. That's what they think!Have you ever noticed that those which demonstrate are the same which create the problems in the first place
  4. To put it simple,we are governed by morons and gutless idiots which are totally out of touch with reality
  5. I've been to the one in Stuttgart and was treated like a king.That was 3 years ago
  6. No use,my mother just passed away 6 weeks ago at age 94 and my wife's parents are long gone.
  7. I posted a couple of pics about 3 years ago.Haven't been at Virgils in a long time,maybe one of those days
  8. On my wife's behalf and myself thanks for all the good wishes👍
  9. We'll get through it just like all the other years,thanks anyways
  10. Our parents that is.Today my wife and I celebrating our 53 wedding anniversary and both of our parents gave as max 2 years.Guess who has the last laugh?

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