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  1. That will be interesting but I think I would have to re mortgage my house here in canada in order to buy one of each
  2. You should use paper and then get it laminated
  3. My deepest condolence to you and your family
  4. No other choice here.I'm happy I have a cozy man cave here at home and the best is that my wonderful wife looks after my well being
  5. I have one of those but don't use it.I won it as a doorprice and stands on the coffeetable in my mancave
  6. Say hi to Erin back from me.I'm very busy at work and still drive a lot.I miss our meetings in Toronto.Not that I could attend many due to my workload(driving between 2500-3000km a week)
  7. Hi Keith,how you're doing?Didn't hear from you in a long time except for your e-mail awhile ago.
  8. Now,lets have a race.By that I mean only 2 cars,one a Mercedes driven by Vettel ,the other a Ferrari driven by Hamilton.On a regular racetrack,full course and length and officals.With other words the whole works.I think that's the only way to determine where the problem is between man and machine
  9. I think it's a portable bathroom scraper if there's no toiletpaper available
  10. I have a V-Cut cutter but never used it.May I should try it one of those days

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