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  1. Making my first trip there in 48 days. Will be watching this along with many others over the next few weeks. Can't hardly wait to be there!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to get both the RG and Partagas Mille Fluers to see which I prefer. Not a fan of any gauge less than 42, just doesn't feel right in my hand Anyone have any experience with the La Flor De Cano Selectos?
  3. Hey guys, want to pick up a box of sticks for the golf course and I'm curious what cheapies smoke the best fresh. $115 max price Thanks!
  4. I'm a fan of that plan. There will be a box of those added to my next order!
  5. Had my first one after breakfast this morning. I'm an idiot for waiting this long to try them. That is all.
  6. As you can see by my thread title, I'm a spelling champion
  7. I usually buy cheap NC sticks for the golf course but realize I can accomplish the same with CC's on this next order. If you were going to buy a 25 stick box for under $100, what would be your choice? I prefer a larger format for the course, so keep that in mind. Cheers!
  8. Just picked up the sampler of Mag 48 and Short Boli. Can't wait to try those. Have been looking for that chocolate flavor profile
  9. I was pretty much expecting these responses. Guess I better bite the bullet. I live in North Carolina, so we have a very nice, moderate climate. Can you guide me to the best threads on coolerdors and winedors? And as always, thanks for the advice
  10. Hey guys, finally had my first full box of Cubans delivered last week...HDM Epi No 2. I had to have one right away and I can tell I've made a good decision! I've got a few other CC's in my humi that are about two years old (Cohibo Esplendidos, Monte No 2, Monte Robusto, Monte Open Eagle) that I want to resist the temptation and allow them to age another couple of years. My question is this, does the Czar sell aged cigars? If not, who do you recommend for picking up some quality sticks? Thanks in advance! - Pick attached of my main humi for your troubles

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