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  1. I still don’t know if I knew and don’t have the will to check. I’ll just assume I was wrong 😂
  2. I like to keep the cigars with me in my carry on. A matter of a few days I don’t think the Boveda is necessary but certainly can’t hurt.
  3. Enjoy your Monty 4 Ray, I will do the same. Very nice tribute. Sorry for your loss. Sending my best wishes to you, his family and friends.
  4. Had a great Father’s Day including some great cigars. LRE ABR 10 RA Gordito RE 🇨🇦 It’s been a long time since I had one and I was so into it I forgot to take a picture. RASS January 2009. Outstanding. SOM SEP 11 CORO. Hard to beat this.
  5. Picked up a couple of boxes of BRE MAY 19 Connie A’s and opened one up tonight. Great construction and burn with good flavors but not to the level of the LUB NOV 13 that I smoked a box of and still have a full box left. I’ll enjoy the 13’s slowly over the next number of years and continue to sample the 19’s to see how they progress.
  6. RAT DIC 19 HU Proprios. Really enjoy these. RAE MAR 15 Punch Punch from a cab. 😋
  7. Which No. 2 is that? The only RA No. 2 I am familiar with is the new 2019 release which is a Belicoso shape and has the LE band on it.
  8. Totally agree had one earlier today with an Americano and it was great.
  9. Another great article. Interesting that another Canadian Whisky won that award. In 2016 the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye won. My idea of Rye was to mix with coke, thus I can’t remember the last time I had any Rye. I did pick up a couple of bottles of the Northern Harvest when it won the award but I have yet to open one or try it.
  10. Great minds think alike. MUS ENE 18 RAS. Last from this box. Hope the next one I open is as good.
  11. Well after leftover steak for dinner 😂 I had a LTO ABR 20 Partagas E No. 2. This box of 5 has been a little hit and miss but this one was a definite hit.
  12. RAG DIC 17 LGC Invictos ER Italy. Don’t reach for these often but when I do it is alway very enjoyable. i really over did the size of the steaks tonight. 3 boneless dry aged AAA Ribeye’s totaling almost 4 pounds. Very good but nobody got close to finishing. Looking forward to the steak sandwiches tomorrow. After dinner my daughter left her dog with us for a little while so she could go visit a friend. He joined me on the balcony for a BUP SEP 17 Lusi. Great way to end what was a great weekend.

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