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  1. OBM OCT 15 Siglo IV. My favorite size in the Siglo line. Great cigar.
  2. Stand out was the RA LE. Last few of these have been great.
  3. UEB AGO 18 Diplomaticos Nortenos RE 🇨🇦 Still really enjoying these. RAE MAR 15 Punch Punch from a cab. This one has the ribbon bend. Very tasty. RA Allones No. 2. Great cigar and worth burning the finger tips.
  4. Yesterday a SOM DIC 16 RA La Palmera. Great flavors but disappointing construction issues with some under filling. Today a OER OCT 20 RyJ Ex No. 4 while smoking my first brisket (point) on the KJ. Cigar was very good and happy with the brisket on my first try.
  5. LLC

    What's for dinner?

    Pork chops on the KJ again.
  6. Sunday a TUE OCT 20 Supremos. Great cigar Yesterday a ESL OCT 19 RyJ Churchill from a tube. Very good. Tonight a BUP SEP 17 Lusi. Not often I have a lazy cigar from a box and don’t have more boxes waiting but this was my last Lusi. I picked up three boxes of 10 in Havana in November of 2017 and now I’m out. I’ll need to get more.
  7. RAE JUL 15 RA 898 RE Alemania Nice to back on the deck. Great cigar.
  8. Welcome to FOH! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Exactly. If they bought at the old price, hold it for a short while and sell it at a much higher price nobody should be surprised.
  10. Sorry to see that happen to such a good guy. He will overcome this I’m sure.
  11. I’m about half way through my first box and really enjoying them. I will be looking for more.
  12. For me that same cigar was a close second when trying to pick one. Really, it was a toss up.
  13. HU2 from a prize pack. Always enjoy these. GEM SEP 20 Leyenda. Another great one.
  14. Welcome to FOH! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Love Siglo IV’s but haven’t had any recent production ones as most of my boxes are older.
  16. A few recently, including a Siglo III that was part of a prize pack 👍
  17. LGC Day RAG DIC 17 Invictos MUR MAR 13 MDO No. 2 Both excellent

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