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  1. I have an 11 box of plp and not 1 plugged one yet out of 7 or 8 I've smoked. New box on the way, I'm in love with them also. Best small cigar for the money.
  2. All I know is that I held out on the iPhones until the 4s came out. Before that I had galaxy S. I went through 4 samsungs a year and then got fed up and got the iPhone, same one for going on 2 years. They do make them a whole hell of a lot better than that Samsung garbage. The technology might be on par between Samsung and apple but you have to make a device that can survive life and keep working. To me Samsung fails.
  3. I have heard stories about Buck that just makes me not like the guy personally. Ive heard an accaintance of mine saw him in the airport and he makes his wife haul his 10 bags of luggage around like a slave while he walks in front of her strutting like a big star. Another who said he is just an arrogant arse in person. Always loved Madden though
  4. BPC, i aquired from Brazo's a while back. Easily a 95 and after a 16 hour day. Perfect ending.
  5. Ah, the bimonthly smart ass answer from small club again
  6. I just can't help to think if he decides to run a lot like Vick, defensive guys are going to make a point to hit him hard and in Five years from now it's gonna take its toll on him. think he will be plagued by injuries.
  7. 03 RG panetela. Darkest Cuban wrappers on this box I have owned to date. Complete chocolate bomb. Fantastic. I'm beginning to become an RG ho with these and some recently acquired 00 RG CE that are also fantastic.
  8. Here in Indiana, I can pick them up at the local B&M for $12-$14. I think theyre are worth it, like Shlomo said, they are a nice change of pace smoke. But would rather smoke the 858 or hemingway series maduros. good smokes.
  9. Last night I upgraded the tapatalk and believe I am up to date on my IOS but still saying administration has restricted tapatalk when I try to sign in. Will wait for the new forum and retry.
  10. The force is strong with this one. LOL that's hilarious
  11. Little amount of time so smoked a Rascc. They're starting to grow on me
  12. So i mostly surf FOH from my Iphone 4s and used tapatalk to access,upload pics, etc here but for whatever reason I can no longer log on through tapatalk and it seems a few others are having the same problem. Not sure if the software is no longer compatible or what. Is there another forum app that members are using here that is simlar. I mostly want something to upload my pics from my phone to the site on the daily smoke thread. Thanks
  13. 2011 H Upmann 2 Last night. My first one ever from a 5 pack. :thumbsup:
  14. David, How in the world are you able to walk and smoke a cigar after that. Good lord thats alot of meat.

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