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  1. Hey vents I'm actually a chef and have quite a few different knives ranging from turning knives, to chef knives or wa gyutos(Japanese chef knives), to cleavers. They are almost all different steels as well. I have a few different carbon knives and 4 different stainless steel knives. The only way to go for quality knives is Japanese water stones. Even on my henckles which are a softer stainless steel. If you want to it a decent edge on it all your going to need is a medium grit stone. Preferably a 2000 grit. If you care for shaving your hair off smooth razor edges then your going to have to work up to Higher grits. But I can tell you as a chef a medm grit is perfect. Although your going to have to make sure you remove the bur or wire edge to strengthen the edge. Anyways to describe everything I'd need ten pages. Ifyounwant to get those electric sharpeners or the one where you pull the blades through you can and it will put a poor edge on it tha won't last long at all. It creates more of a rough edge which will cut through the skin of let's say tomatoes but its really not that sharp but rough instead. It's limits your cutting techniques and bottom line it the edge won't last long with the sharpeners. If you want to learn a lot of about sharpening knives check out he also has a youtubemchannel. If you do get stones king stones are ok for learning. Once your good at it gesshin stones are amazing. You can find them at Japanese knife imports. Also Japaneseknifeimports is in California and will sharpen your knives for you. Again visit his website. Videos explaining knives, different steels, stones as well as demonstrations. Great stuff. Cheers.
  2. Hahaha brilliant pic. Everyone just keeps getting told!
  3. Oh snap son you got told! Hahahahaa nice one sven
  4. Omg those Jo's look great. Someone in Toronto want to loan me 215 bucks ?
  5. Brilliant lol. If I didn't buy a box last lath I would get these ones lol. Ps I'm not hating I'm just saying there's a lot of pointed heads lol
  6. I have a 25er he of them on the way... I love the le hoyo lineup. Very flavourful complex line.
  7. Roughly 600 plus. And also 60 or so non Cubans(for handouts cuz non Cubans are scrap in my opinion.) my strategy is based on time constraints and what I'm craving. Also trying not to smoke from aging boxes lol. Sometimes I'm dieing for a des Dieux but I know I can't touch my box because when they are aged I know I'll cream my shorts. I love des Dieux young though.
  8. Gents don't get me wrong I definitely would enjoy Lfth without pics, it's the principal though. The regulation. And I have more faith in them picking a box then anyone hence why I buy hq boxes just by asking for them. No pics included lol. Anyways I can cross my fingers they'd be allowed to do the live "bidding" format.
  9. Soooooo that was possibly the last Lfth... It's actually quite depressing because your on the forum everyday browsing reading, learning, commenting and just enjoying the freedom that is FOH. And every week or two this magical post appeared usually saying "live from the humidor Thursday 11 am local Brisbane time". Your eyes open wide blood starts going a bit faster and your visa stretches too warm up for the adrenaline packed bidding. And now it may very well be gone. Rob smithy and the team put in a ridiculous amount of effort day to day and even go the extra mile and take the time to dig through stock click pics and post them for us to devour. Constantly refreshing the page waiting to see if box b is the shade of wrapper you prefer etc. so now due to malakias ( Greek word which shan't be translated here) in the gov we lose the luxury. I'm Canadian and feel the same hated our Aussie friends do. Anyways folks this post is mainly for me and anyone else to show appreciation and thanks to the czar team for everything they do and that Lfth was an Absolute masterpiece and will be missed. Yet again Bella Di, Rob, Smithy, and the guys behind the curtains thank you.
  10. Just like most Dominican cigars, FLAT. It's just very nicotine heavy.
  11. Hahaha I know why smithy is always giving you guys the cold shoulder in reviews! You guys are awesome. Those du gourmet were taunting me. When you said rolled right I said win! Click click.
  12. Hey rob those last. D4's don't have any oils in the wrapper? Or is it just the cameras focus?
  13. I was speaking with him when he was in unionville last November and he told me it was tobacco harvested in 2008. I have 11 monsdales and have yet to smoke one. I had smoked 5 of his coronas before which were good but not like I expected to be honest. I find his rolls to be much under filled from any other customs I've had like hamlets.
  14. So gents I'm a just curious of anyone who has smoked Jorge Lopez custom rolled cigars. He was a master roller out of the upman factory. I have a bunch of his "Monsdale" viola which is a dalia. But anyone who has smoked any size comments would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. Any of my Canadian bredrins have any intel of where to buy thermoelectric coolers online or in canada for good prices? I'm looking for 20-35 bottle, preferably 28ish.
  16. Very true good sir. I'm going to make a phone call tomorrow to find out. I'll keep you guys posted cool?
  17. Does anyone have any experience with vinocool international inc? Their website is and they sell vino temp wine coolers for dirt cheap and they are based out of Manitoba Canada. Immfrom Ontario and it sounds too good to be true.

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