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  1. well i had 1 BLACK AND MILD 2 GARCIA Y VEGA CANDELA CIGARILLOS 2 GARCIA Y VEGA GRAN PREMIO times are tuff but these little "convenience store" cigars are very well done
  2. 12 box of reyes and a full box of boli was also all i could afford at the moment LoL
  3. doesn't it suck when you have to sell prized possessions for money? I have always regretted it afterwards. such is life though
  4. Hi Lisa!!! I miss your rocket fuel kona Hawaiian blend! Really. And those H Upmann half coronas and pictures of your winter cabin! Hope all is well with Matthew!
  5. yea i know i had that rediculous blow up on another forum, the maseratimatt days are far gone though. I sincerely apologize.
  6. Oh I just want to say to "aes9" I apologize for being a jerk when I was younger. I was diagnosed as Bipolar recently so yea.... I accept responsibility. Hope we can be friends
  7. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone's name but thanks for the updates Cigcars!! (I used to know your name i swear!) Very interesting, the november trip with rob sounds awesome. That would be a dream come true. My deepest sympathies to Keith, I lost my father when I was younger. Very kool that Frank is the moderator... I'm sure he does a great job,and I can see how the political talk is a no no, especially now. Emotions do run deep online. Glad to be Back!!! Claus, always ALWAYS a pleasure. Doug, are you freezing your ass off in jersey?? It was 90F here today!!! LA is blessed with good weather I suppose. How did u do in Hurricane Sandy?? I was in Long Island at the time!!! We got hit hard. So I imagine it was hard for you. Now, I have heard about the new updated MRN book for a couple years now I think. I heard it will be VERY expensive and very limited. True?? Will it be a pre-order basis? I have no idea other than I want it now!!! lol One Love! --Matt aka FrankBlack豐
  8. does live from the humidor still exist? what day lol 豐 EDIT: just noticed it on the top of the page...
  9. Oh by the way, what do you guys think is the best current production petite corona? And Lancero??? I mean fresh stock, 2014... newer mastercases. I apologize if this has already been discussed, I have been out of the loop for a while 豐 ..
  10. Man I haven't been on FOH in 3 years unfortunately. Used to be on all day. What has been going on everyone?? What are the new "must try" sticks? Does Rob sell Hamlets now?? strada, claus, riaz, rob, frank, art, shane, boomersooner, Laficion whats up guys?? I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone. I had somerough times, like most people, but I sincerely missed you guys. --Matt L. (Frank Black) 豐 anyone down for a Los Angeles meet up??
  11. Lol i feel you, its complicated and but yea you're right we should enjoy each day, in moderation
  12. CQ I disagree with you here, the health risks associated with constant cigar smoking or drinking (in the case of single malt aficionados for example) are not a myth. Also I dont think your analogies translate into what I was saying. Yes we need to drive a car to live and to get from point A to B so driving while considering the risks is not the same as smoking 3 cigars a day and not thinking about the potential health risk. We NEED to drive, we dont NEED to smoke all day everyday. And the risks associated with power tools for example correlate to skill and potential accidents. Yes being overweight is a health risk and one should diet to remedy that risk, but we need to eat. We dont need to smoke cigars all day. I think if someone is concerned about the potential health risks of smoking cigars, that is a good thing, not something to just laugh at and dismiss. Doing ANYTHING too much carries risk. If someone is not worried about potential health risks of smoking and drinking often, then thats fine too, to each his own. I guess I was also saying that besides the health risks, which is important to consider imo, I have found fulfillment in things besides buying and collecting and hoarding cigars, as much as I used to (like weightlifting, dating, family, and other hobbies) But to each his own, man. Nothing wrong with being passionate about a hobby. Im just tired of smoking a cigar and going "whoa this is awesome i need to buy more now so i can have this feeling whenever i want" idk... carry on with the thread lol...
  13. well put Lisa, "selective" is a good term to describe how I smoke now, not just for health reasons but also because I dont NEED to keep buying and collecting cigars. Money is an issue for most of us. Life will go on if you don't smoke a cigar. This is just my opinion
  14. gotta agree with you here riaz. I really love CC's, but they are far from the most important thing in life. I've taken a big step back, even though i still check out FOH everyday and smoke once or twice a week. And im over the whole anticipation/ desire of constantly accumulating/buying boxes n stuff. idk.. and what happens if one of us gets some kind of mouth cancer? Still gonna be spending crazy money on impulse cigar buys? just food for thought..
  15. whats with the "vintage collection" sticker... sounds kinda like PCC took all the boxes that werent selling and just came up with this marketing gem
  16. Nah, Grey Goose is NOT the same as the Kirkland brand vodka. They are similar. Its a common rumor, but theyre both just made in similar fashion in Cognac. Ketel One is a great vodka, probably my go to drink. I think its pretty cheap at costco.
  17. wow. ive really wanted to see these and buy a box! thanks for posting the pics!!
  18. beautiful cabinet bro. And an impressive collection. cheers!

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