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  1. A little FOH hand picked love arrived today
  2. Spur of the moment FOH Monte 2 purchase a minute ago. Scotch and sun combined w/ a great deal. I'm sure I'll be fully surprised when they show up!
  3. Down to my last 40 fr my last Cuba trip and w friends in the U.S. I'm debating a non Cuban vs foh purchase. Or both! Ashton vsg padron anni illusione's Oliva or other suggestions vs some monte 2 double edmundos parti 2's or Epi 2's. I'm stuck! Also some private msgs about the finer points of Canadian shipping fr abroad would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Sir winnie HU RR Partagas anything Monte 520 Honourable mention to Connie A and Epi 2
  5. Update : just smoked my second of my latest haul and it's confirmed they are officially my smoke of the year. Had one back to back w a sir winnie and gotta say I loooove my Winnie's but the custom was by far the better rolled and somehow more flavourful and balanced. I would highly recommend anyone heading to varadero to grab as many as you can. Or actually don't because I'm planning on going back and buying him out .
  6. After being unable to bring home any 'hamlets' from my week in Havana last year and having met and sampled a couple. This years impromptu varadero trip I sought out some of Alphonso' customs before I left. Unfortunately he wasn't around but I managed to grab a dozen I selected from their stock. I have only smoked two robustos which were most definitely way way above what I paid in quality I fired up one of the churchills I've been saving tonight and I gotta say it's by no small margin the best cigar I've smoked in a long time. Arrow straight burned perfectly and having never been great at des
  7. Had a box of HU RR's fr varadero last year that 8/10 were unsmokably overfilled. The other box was legendary w the same box code etc
  8. Just put on some shorts that I havebt worn since vardero in nov. Last day there I smoked a nice siglo vi rass and monte double edmundo as I remember and as the bands in the pocket show. Which reminds me I don't hear much about the double Ed but fell in love w them upon my return. 10 was def not enough, might need to peruse the shop. I've never made a purchase before could a member msg me re: questions. Cheers
  9. i double ziplocked and partially vacuum sealed them and put them in the freezer.... i really dont want to do this to the other 4 boxes but it may be a good idea i suppose... uuuughh... just nerve racking having never frozen cigars before...
  10. Can someone walk me through it... The last thing i want to do is ruin these. Cheers
  11. Just back from Varadero unpacking my bounty into the humidor and noticed two of my Monte double edmundo's had prominent bore marks in them. Luckily its only a ten ct box but should i freeze them? I cut the one with the largest hole open (through my tears) and didnt notice anything at all. I've double freezer bagged them and have them in the fridge currently Thanks again for everyones help before i left. Varadero was beyond brutal for selection and i didnt have time to make it to Havana so I ended up smoking a ton and going with what i liked best from previous experience and from this trip B
  12. You know i've never looked or ordered from here... just looked wow prices are much more reasonable than i thought... Have you tried any Connie A's ive been hearing good things... Oh and definitely some HU RR and Monte 520's if i can find any

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