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  1. I made no points or opinions on Nazism or racism in my posts, so there is really nothing to agree or disagree on. Let's leave it at that and enjoy our stogies while we can.
  2. We'll do well to remember that there are fanatics on the other side too, and they'll do anything to stub this community out. The proposed fist logo is the perfect gift on a silver platter for them to gain more ground. Adolf was a heavy smoker. So was the older Lee of the little island I live on. Apparently so was JG of Oz, not sure about NR though. I may well need to make use of the OLH buy-back programme when the day comes where I can no longer make individual imports of these beloved sticks.
  3. Hitler was one of the first prominent national leaders to advocate anti-tobacco measures and interfere with the personal lives of citizens. Please find out more about his anti-tobacco policies and compare it with your local measures.
  4. I'd have to agree with Ray. In an age of lazy journalism where editors and reporters in the predominant media are content to reproduce material from government, party and partisan press releases, such external images will only serve to isolate this community even more. If this is the exact intent then it is the perfect image, otherwise the existing SWC logo is a better external imagery. This community doesn't need to be further isolated or demonised, instead we need to have greater acceptance and tolerance from the electoral public. Those in power and the powers-to-be are totally commited to stubbing this community out. To give you an idea, this is an unsolicited SMS sent directly to my SMS inbox from a government agency... They don't even need the media any more as they are reaching out to you directly. "From our cold dead hands" rings truer than you'll ever know as governments are playing a waiting game for this community to die off (via ever heavier taxes, old age and sickness) while trying to create a smoke-free generation. My grandfather smoked cigars and pipes and part of the memories of him are the great aromas from the cigars and pipes he used to smoke. Nowadays, children are taught at a young age to have an instinctive dislike of aromas associated with tobacco. They have tried and failed to introduce tobacco-free generational legislation in Tasmania and Singapore but they will just keep on trying. With plain packaging in Oz, they have gained a firm foothold. It is now a game of one-upmanship amongst governments to introduce even harsher legislation.
  5. It is exactly what you'll need if you live in an environment that is 75-85%RH on average. Some of us don't need a humidifier because we have too much humidity in the ambient air.
  6. Yes, just put a small boveda pack in the dress box or SLB and chuck the box in. I have a digitally controlled one and set the RH value equal to the boveda pack.
  7. Didn't mean to scare you away from the A'bunadh but when they get a batch right, the bottles really sing hence the tendency to want to chase after certain batches. In my own observation, there seem to be well-resourced parties where I'm located that are really diligent in tasting each batch and stocking up (or more accurately buying out the stock) on those good ones. I'd imagine that you'd have a better stock situation given that you're located near the source.
  8. I've been told, speculation or otherwise, that it is mainly due to sulphur taint; Jim Murray has raised a stink over this issue. The sherry butts or hogsheads are treated with sulphur candles to remove bacterial traces and disinfected before the new make spirits are put in. Due to the small batch nature of the A'bunadh, the blenders are limited in what they can use to blend out the inconsistencies. Whatever the case, some can taste it and are bothered by it, some others can't or are not. I could taste the differences between batches and was bothered by the inconsistency, hence engaged in a bit of batch chasing for the A'bunadh. The A'bunadh saw the end of its rotation in my bottle lineup when I had to encourage oxidization to reduce the sulphur notes in a particularly bad bottle from batch 41. When I related this issue to a more experienced hobbyist, he pointed me in the direction of the 105.
  9. I think part of the confusion stems from the fact that everyone's forgetting to say quote the original post of the box that you want when replying. Yes, please click on that little Quote button that you see below the original post, and that is even simpler than a cut and paste job.
  10. Good luck with the A'bunadh. I ended up batch chasing with it, the batch to batch inconsistency is quite staggering in my view. That's one of the reasons why I decided to stock up on the 105 instead.
  11. I like to mix one part Ardbeg 10 with four parts 105, put a lid on the glass and come back an hour later for a nice peaty sherried whisky.
  12. I've had both and prefer the 105 by a wide margin. I was a fan of the A'bunadh and still am but no longer keep any bottles on hand after discovering the 105. Unfortunately, the 105 is pretty rare in the neck of my woods.
  13. I quite enjoy the PLP, reminds me of the HDM du Maire's core aroma and flavours but in a bigger format.
  14. I'm curious to know if you smoked all three (PLP, Trinidad Coloniales and HU No.2) back to back. If so, in what order? Thanks.

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