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  1. Put a bit of age on the PC and it is a fantastic cigar. Can't argue with how good the Conni A and HC have been released.
  2. Thanks for the invite.....won't be across until Jan 1,2. Maybe someone will around those days.
  3. Oh nice! I'm in Canada, about an hour away from there.....i like to park my ass at the lounge when the family is shopping.
  4. Welcome to you guys ever go to Jenuwines?
  5. I was excited to see a couple boxes of RGCE from 2008 at the Commodoro....sadly they were terribly dry. Club Habana had decent Coro from 2010.
  6. Just back from Havana...not one new regular production or EL on the shelves. Found a few things to grab, nices boxes of des Dieux, Boli Libs, Monsdales, Jorge Robusto Largo, Yolanda Piramides, Reynaldo Lanceros/closed foot Coronas/and an assortment of some of his new sizes....few other little grabs. Fun trip.
  7. Moving cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Great stuff Chris! No RE is safe in Europe! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Fantastic story Conor! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Must agree with perfume notes being a defect. I smoked a Cohiba PE recently which was pitched half way because of the overwhelming pefume flavour....this taste was not present in any other cigars in the box. Now speaking of beautiful floral notes, i think of some aged QD panetelas gifted to me by Keith. I tried to make those cigars last as long as possible!
  11. 2011 Monte Especial Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'd have to agree Frank........."credible smokers" that i know are right down the middle on these.....including myself. I have smoked both great and not so great samplings of this cigar yet I would not be a buyer over $150.
  13. I have a few boxes of ELs from recent years. I have enjoyed the Monte GE, RA Extra and the Punch to name a few. Like Lisa, i will atleast try a single or two of most releases to have a valid perspective other than they are too expensive.
  14. Back when I had a restaurant we had a nice app of snails. Pan-seared in butter and garlic, splash of white wine, add heavy cream, fresh parm and chiffonade of fresh basil....let it reduce for a bit...?
  15. ?
  16. Some friends brought a few treats home with them for me.....
  17. Rule needs to be revisited, no the meantime....GO HABS GO!!

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