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    I'm a concert violinist,
    otherwise spending time with
    family & friends,
    cooking, wine, single malt whisky
    and, just like all of us - cigars

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  1. The ones mentioned already, RASCC, Upmann PC, Gonzalez PC (love them) and San Cristobal de la Habana Principe, gorgeous one and all - enjoy, cheers, Alex
  2. Good 1 But seriously, it depends - I've had cigars which held an ash about 2 thirds of the length, some wouldn't hold a bare 5 mm - and I had everything in between. Sometimes it's nice to try for a long ash, sometimes I can't be bothered. I guess it's called life? Cheers, Alex
  3. Off the top of my head - burnt/sugared almonds, milk coffee, toast, not as creamy as Corona Extra but still plenty, floral overtones, touch of forest soil when young. LOVE THEM!!! Cheers, Alex
  4. It depends on what intensity of sherry cask you would like, Pulteney uses a mix of Bourbon and Sherry casks while recent Glendronachs can be real Sherry-monsters. I like both for the sake of variety. Cheers, Alex
  5. I'm not Rob - but with Sanchos I like the lighter wrappers - maybe that's just me though... cheers, Alex
  6. agreed, but it can be a bit strong - one box I had nearly blew my socks off, way stronger than any Bolivar. A good alternative might be the Romeo Tubos #2. Medium strength, med-full aroma and , like the PC a true R&J And not to forget the Exhibition 4 ! Cheers, Alex
  7. It used to be almost every day for most of the time- when I started to educate myself and go from my preferred 2-3 marcas into a more eclectic selection, it could be even up to 3-4 on certain days as I was keen to learn - and learn to understand the cigars that didn't come easy to me. Nowadays, barely 1 a month... As professional life is not going so well I seem to have lost my appetite for cigars. Even with the humi still pretty full with a good selection of vitolas and brands alike, I just can't indulge myself in luxury whilst times are tough. Didn't have an "excuse" to e-mail lovely Di in a long time - sincere apologies, my dear. Alex

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