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  1. I freeze all I bring back from Cuba, and anything I don't buy from A PCC authorized retailer. If it comes from a grey market retailer, I don't know the chain of custody, so I there for freeze it. I rarely purchase anything from those sources unless it's something that PCC doesn't carry.
  2. I overpaid on BR for these, but I wanted an older box to start smoking sooner. I don't like Hoyo dead fresh.
  3. I just smoked my last one of these a few months ago. I bought them 14 years ago. Man that brought back a memory.
  4. Nothing better then smoking a cigar on a non windy day while casting of the front of the boat or sitting in a fighting chair, tuna on and smoking a robusto down.
  5. I really only use them in shallow water for red drum, with chunks bait on the bottom.
  6. Yes sir just waiting for the good hit in Brigantine NJ.

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