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  1. I don't agree the desktops are obsolete. I've got 2 wine coolers (1 medium and 1 small) and a few desktops. Usually, I use the coolers for aging and I transfer the cigars into the desktops a few weeks or maybe even months before smoking them. They seem to taste better that way...or maybe it's just in my head
  2. That Firstland desktop cutter looks like the ultimate cigar cutter to have. Xikar cutters are probably one of the best IMO. Although I imagine trying to exchange a faulty from Aus would be quite hassle
  3. This morning a PL Robusto LE - this one was just right
  4. He mentioned that he often buys singles (to smoke) with the boxes
  5. Check out this collection ....not something you see every day *** I have to post the videos in several won't let me post them in one post
  6. I like the No 2's as well. While it might not set the world on fire, it's a good solid, reliable and tasty smoke. Actually I had 3 of them the past few days. A couple of pics from my mobile...
  7. In China, growing demand for Cuban cigars . Didn't know they had their own cigars...."Great Wall"
  8. Sounds like something worth trying. Thanks for the review...
  9. Upmann Noella in the morning A few months in the humidor did wonders for these. When I first got them they were pretty harsh. Now they've come good with a creamy-nutty flavour and a nice aroma. I've only got one left and I'm planning to get some more
  10. WOW I wasn't expecting this...thanks guys, much appreciated. What can I say, I'm just lucky Thanks for letting me know (I misunderstood ur message initially) our next cigar get together, the cigars are on me
  11. Speaking of the Fuente line... News: Casa Fuente Gets New Exclusive Line

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