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  1. vinnyvega


    In my experience, I see wines with higher RS leaking quite often. Wine is, more often than not, intact.
  2. vinnyvega


    Just grabbed a dozen of the 1994s and 3 of the 2007s. Gladly share some of the 1994s if you are interested. I am in mass too.
  3. vinnyvega


    These didn't suck. The 1985 was a hot mess. 1994 was a jaw dropper. 1977 made a lot of people smile. We are just a bunch of slack jaw yokels though.....
  4. Kim Wexler is the best character in bcs. She is utterly captivating. Kim>skylar
  5. vinnyvega

    Regional Releases

    These look good. Lighter wrappers but I am fine with that. Smell fine. I will smoke a cigar from a fiver I bought of olh in a few weeks. Bury these for 5 years at a minimum. Only paid 560$ and they were delivered in less than 6 days. Can't be unhappy with that. Those hoping these will be like the lonsdale may be disappointed. 2006 for me were tremendous boxes. 2017....not bad. Fingers crossed baby!!!!
  6. Threats of violence can help your tactics as well. Lololol!!!
  7. vinnyvega

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Holy shite that's a beauty. That might be the nicest bottle on this entire thread. Enjoy!!!!!
  8. 11 years going. I have slowed down dramatically. Maybe a couple a month. But I got this thing called an 18 month old daughter who takes up a lot of time. Doctor gives me the thumbs up on 2-3 cigars a week. I love cigars.
  9. vinnyvega


    A popular vendor had RAE 15 and EAG 14 listed for behikes.
  10. vinnyvega

    Video Review - Punch Punch 48 LCDH 2016

    Is that Thivin Cotes du Brouilly??
  11. Awesome review! A friend offered us a box for a herf last summer at $50 a stick. Very generous. The only problem is they suck. Lol.
  12. That's a bingo!!! Almost 4 pages of discussion and we finally get to what will most likely happen rather than an "all out war".
  13. 1997 Vegas Robaina Clasico
  14. I thought codes didn't matter either. Go smoke any RyJ Churchill from a 14 box. Then smoke one from a MUO. Smoke any Punch from 14. Then smoke one from EML box. Smoke a RASS or QDO from any 13 box. Then smoke them from a MUR box. Just my opinion......
  15. vinnyvega

    Found gold in the humi

    If the PL draws well that is the best cigar in that box. Amazing! !! Enjoy!!

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