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  1. I don't know, robbie. My buddy just bought a bundle of 25 of these real cheap that were rolled at EL. He said why pay full price when you can pay a fraction for the exact same cigar. Crazy world we live in....
  2. TJ English was with Joey Diaz corroborating his stories about the "men in white clothes". I hate to say this but if you think donkey shows only exist in Tijuana, you need to get out more. Or not.....
  3. I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with Joey Diaz and they were talking about this secret society of Afro-Cuban badass dudes. If you have some time, check it out on YouTube. Lots of naughty words so watch it at home. It's a fun 20 minutes listen.
  4. RIP I used to get excited when he would post. The guy was a wealth of information and his content was some of the best on the forums. Godspeed.
  5. They were pre releasing these?? Were these handed out at the festival?
  6. Yes, sir. Those are the ones. I stumbled across a handful. They are from the festival packs. I will light one up in a couple weeks.
  7. For those who have smoked some, what are your initial impressions of them?
  8. Just got a box of Punch Monarcas from 1998 en tubo. The caps on the tubes were hermetically sealed on the majority of them. The cigars were so strong the retrohale make you eyes water. Zero mold. Perfect cigars Caps on and extra tight!!
  9. I just got a box of 1998 punch monarcas and they smell like they were in a time capsule. The flavors were so intense and vibrant. Not a spot of mold on them. The prince stored these well.....
  10. Let's rally the troops. We need to get these guys. Run them off every cigar forum. Tell their friends. This unchecked aggression will not stand

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