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  1. +1 on the Coastal hwy. Its a great ride with amazind scenery.
  2. Its a toss up between Partagas & RA for me but I think I would lean more to Partagas due to the variety of vitolas available
  3. My hunidifier is much the same. I set it for 60%rh and it keeps my Humidor at a steady 65%rh. It has done that since it was new so I just learned to work with it.
  4. I seem to have more draw issues with the HC than any other cigar but they are very tasty
  5. My last trip to DR I paid more for run in Duty free than if I would have bought it at the resort. Not just a dollar or two either it was closer to $5 more.
  6. I generally change the batteries in my hygrometers every fall and check the calibration then
  7. +1 I enjoy UFC till it goes to the mat then I loose interest.
  8. Another here for Hugo Boss and CK obsession
  9. A Gurka at #9. I think Smallclub is right about their taste buds being barbecued.
  10. I am not familiar with the cigar oasis but have a hydra. Took the too off and hot glued it to a Tupperware container, got a replacement filter for a household humidifier and cut a piece off to fit it the container and just pour distilled water in it. Works great without the extra cost of beads
  11. 08 Party 898 that I bought a short time ago from Prez. Brilliant!!
  12. Regina will be alot of fun for a few days & I will be there to enjoy it
  13. Just watched my Rough Riders hand it to the Stampeders in the Western finals. Great day. Grey cup next weekend on thier home turf. Cant wait
  14. I would never spend that much for one I was just literally shocked when I seen the price of some of them. My Dad actually gave me a brush that he used years ago although I dont use because it is showing its age, Not sure what brand it is or what hair it is made of I just think it is pretty cool having a brush that I remember seeing him use when I was a quite young. Wish he still had his old razor also I would give it a try
  15. I have been using DE for awhile now & love it. I still use cartriges when traveling but that is it. Ordered a Strait razor the other day and I am looking forward to trying it although I am a little worried also. Looking at brushes and just cant get over the price of some of them. How can a brush cost up wards to $500 or $600.
  16. If you are seeing signs of beetles in your humidor your cigars should already be in the freezer

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