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  1. Bill Evans, Waltz For Debbie (or, Sunday at the Village Vanguard)
  2. I've had that kind of experience with other books as well ..ones I've read and listened to. Different aspects come through depending on the text, reader, etc.
  3. One of my favorites as well. The audio version read by Barrett Whitener is incredibly well done. He gets all of the regional accents..highly recommended!
  4. I’m wondering if anyone has had a chance to try one yet. They sure look nice!
  5. Nice review! The Partagas Serie du Connaisseur series is one of my favorites, especially the 1 I still have some but only smoke them in the summer outside It’s a sipping cigar that takes patience and time, but its complexity and flavors are delicious and utterly unique Thanks for the reminder!
  6. I have a couple of boxes from the original release but hadn't smoked one in a while until a couple of weeks ago. I was somewhat disappointed. I recalled them as having more strength and complexity. Mind you, it was still good, just not super special. I'll have one again sometime in near future to confirm. If you've had one recently (and earlier) I'd love to hear how you think they are holding up. In general, I've found some of the LEs don't improve as much with age as non LEs.
  7. For jazz, in rough historical order: Charlie Christian Django Reinhard Wes Montgomery Tal Farlow Jimmy Raney Jim Hall John Abercombie Bill Frisell Derek Bailey Fred Frith
  8. This is very interesting and it was great that you took the time to put it together. However, I think the findings should be taken with a big grain of salt. We all know that we read and have watched lots of reviews and over time and that particular signature traits and descriptors for each marca evolve from this. Part of our analysis certainly comes from our own experience, but at least as much comes from our expectations that frame what we are experiencing. One need not look very deeply in the “taste” literature to know how strongly expectations shape experience and our judgments. And we know there is typically much less agreement when the tasting is blind. Not to say this sort of thing isn’t informative, we just need to realize that there’s a bit of circularity to these sorts of aggregated opinions.
  9. I think this is good advice, it's what I've ended up doing as well. I've tried not using the wicks, and checked with Avallo about that strategy. It's not as efficient, but I have four of the canisters, so they are well distributed throughout the cabinet. One downside is that it doesn't work so well when the water level drops below about half. Regardless, I agree that using the filters and changing proactively is the best approach.
  10. I have an Avallo and other active humidors. I also see the black mold start to grow over time on the filters. It's my understanding that some regions of the country (and I've noticed at certain times of the year) have mold spores in the air that attach themselves and grow in these environments. That being said, I keep my humidity low (about 63%) and have never had a problem (over 15 years) with any mold growing on cigars. Two solutions I've found effective: (1) don't use filters. If you have the circulation fans (and separate settable timer) you can still keep the humidity level constant or (2) just replace the filters move often. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks Smithy for all you've done here. Your presence, smarts, and humor will be greatly missed. Best of luck!
  12. For the VRs, I am most acquainted with the Unicos, Clasicos, and Don Alejandros. In general, to my palate they tend to be on the dry, medium, reserved, and when good, a tasty, sophisticated alternative to richer or more-in-your-face profiles. When not so good, they can be a bit too dry and boring. The Don Alejandros when good, are a real treat and have more going on in terms of the evolution of flavors while smoking than the other two. For SCdH, I have smoked several Mercaderes (and the 2009 O'Riely's-- not as good as the hype, IMO) though I have some boxes of others I haven't tried yet. I like the Mercaderes-- very different profile than most others, closest to Por Larrangaga. The ones i've had are consistent, and beautiful to behold. Can't say they are the best value, but they are tasty.

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