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  1. French spy series: The Bureau. If you like John le Carre, you’ll love this.
  2. Yeah, they are delicious. Their taste (this one and the conde 54 from 2011) are pretty unique.. I wonder why they don't make more with this profile. Sort of in the Sr. Winston & Montecristo wheelhouse.
  3. How was it? Haven’t seen any reviews yet. (Interested in how it compares to the regular production version.)
  4. Today is Ahmad Jamal’s 90th birthday. Master of holding back— leaving space and always swinging. Here he is from a 1959 performance with audience including Jo Jones, Ben Webster, and jazz critic Nat Hentoff (head bobbing and puffing away). Great time for jazz.
  5. Been listening a lot to Lee Konitz, the great also sax player who recently died at 92 of Covid-19. One of the great “cool” players whose 70 years of recordings documents his remarkable artistry and evolution. He played with everyone from Miles Davis (on the Birth of Cool album in the 50’s) to Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden. Remarkably, he continued playing and recording up to the past few years. His playing was always tasteful, spare, and achingly melodic. So much to listen to.. but here’s a cut from a a Paul Motian recording (Live on Broadway: Vol 3) with Bill Frisell, Charlie Haden, and Joe
  6. Personally, I think we might want to abstain from this sort of discussion on this board, as such discussions can get political and nasty quickly. In short, I’ll just say that there are many perspectives on this, and name calling people who may be hurting, fearful, etc and may be coping with sick/dead family and friends isn’t needed right now. Also, all your examples are not infectious diseases that are in any sense similar to COVID-19, and in addition, our societies have spent billions trying to eradicate those sources of death as well.
  7. Agree. Went deep on the La Esepcion SF’s, still enjoying them today.
  8. Am curious if anyone has info on the Punch ManTua Italy regional. I like the size, laguito no 2, and the fact that they come in cabs of 50. Photos online look enticing!
  9. Bill Evans, Waltz For Debbie (or, Sunday at the Village Vanguard)
  10. I've had that kind of experience with other books as well ..ones I've read and listened to. Different aspects come through depending on the text, reader, etc.
  11. One of my favorites as well. The audio version read by Barrett Whitener is incredibly well done. He gets all of the regional accents..highly recommended!

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