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Found 34 results

  1. I am new to the world of CCs and I noticed while looking at a store online some of the cigars had a suffix after the name. For example: ESPLENDIDOS SBN-B 25'S ROBUSTOS C/P 3'SX5 15'S CORONAS MAJOR A/T 25'S SIGLO I SLB 25'S I am looking to purchase some boxes and singles but I am unsure of what these mean these suffixes mean?
  2. Very nice presentation box of 20 cigars. Fairly cheap. Machine rolled Cuban cigar with short filler and precut. Honestly, I bought these cigars on their price and the Corona in the name. Was surprised (but not shocked) when I found out that these are not Corona sized but Universales. Cooler name and very nice shape - perfect for winter. Comes with some hard plastic friction tubes with a rubber knob. Prefer it to the aluminium tubes as they're not crushable in my pocket. Oh how many times I've had to take wire snippers to a tube to save a cigar with the Jaws of Life. Prelight Ritual Moments ANYWAY, Back to the cigar: Took it out during work with a can of Schweppes Ginger Ale. We lit it up on my break in the heated shed which was very nice. Left the door open so my legs were freezing but the hot air was blowing continuously on my head. That thing could've heated an entire baseball stadium. ANYWAY, Back to the cigar. Very toothy wrapper as expected from a machine roll and very sweet, cedary draw that reminded me of the nectare of a Sprite. Kinda like what honey from heaven would taste like. Or if you licked Tinkerbell. I could actually feel a retrohale on the cold draw which was odd but pleasant. Enjoyed it very much. First Half Great first bit. Tasted like what San Pelligrino if they made a Marachino cherries flavour. Brilliant smoke and pumping out record smoke. I would be taking full draws without getting any sort of harshness. Mouthful upon mouthful of smoke later, you could feel a cedar taste creep up on your palate and tell you that there is SOME complexity with the cigar. It was absolutely brilliant. Flavour was on every time with no surprises or sudden changes of heart. Retrohale had no harshness but does bring out the woodiness more than the sweetness. Nearing the second quarter, the cigar started to really intensify with the flavours as all pistons were pumping. I can tell it has some nicotine/ tannic polymers/ nitrosamines that normally makes cigars harsh. But that was masked by the continous sweet aroma of the cigar. Tasted more like black forest cake near the end... Less like Maraschino Cherries. Second Half I wanted to review this cigar in quarters. But the subtle changes were too gradual to justify typing out these long winded paragraphs FOUR TIMES for this cigar. On top of that, I was with my supervisor who was talking for a bit. Lucky I even remembered to snap these pictures! ANYWAY, Back to the cigar: Still strong with sweet tang. I am really enjoying the hell out of this cigar. It's something that has produced an ass kicking which was surprising considering the sweetness. It was gradual so I didn't even notice. The strength came in the form of a woody zap that reminds me of engraving maple wood or cooling maple sap in the snow. As a child, I would take a stick, put it on a wooden board layered with snow, and pour maple sap over the board. The sap would harden and you would roll it around in the snow to create a lolly that was absolutely delicious. That's what it tastes like right now. Damn I missed those. The retrohale continued to bring out a strong wood taste that masked the sweetness. I stopped retrohaling because the nostalgic beauty of the cedary maple candies outweighed any sort of need to taste burnt wood. It gradually faded away, unfortunately and the cigar started to taste more like the retrohale. It got bitter near the end but not something I could taste. It was kind of like burning plastic... But it was a good kind of 'gasoline' taste. Something I can't describe too well in words. I didn't bother retrohaling at this point. It ended quite small and I would've nubbed it if my break didn't end 15 minutes ago... Final Thoughts A great, predictable, know-what-you're-getting cigar. I stocked up on vintage RA Belvederes for this winter but I think these will dominate what I'm going to smoke for the next little while. These are too good to put down. 45 minute smoke time and would've easily gone to 55 if I cared to nub it. If I was taking my time smokin this cigar, it would've stretched up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Absolutely brilliant. Red Stagg bourbon has a taste profile very similar to the first half of this cigar. I would buy a bottle just to pair with this cigar. Call them 2013 heroine/crack/PCP/meth, etc. But I call them my winter smokes and perhaps even my summer smokes. Rating: 87/100. Only thing it lacks is complexity which is why I can't justify giving it a higher rating. Contest Part Will give 3 of these cigars (a whole whopping three!?!) to anyone who can guess the box code of this cigar. Date is not needed. But guess the box code. (CaptainQuintero... you're banned from guessing. And so is anyone who KNOWS the box code of this cigar!) Hint 1: They're not an old box code.
  3. Curious to see if any others have some interesting experiences/confessions/weird quirks to share that seriously indicate you are, have (or are fast becoming) a cigar smoker and will likely never go back to living and thinking the same way again lol. I’ll start with… - A month ago I straight-up told one of my closest friends to stop butting cigars like a cig as it kills me inside every time lol. I’m glad he’s a very good friend so he totally listened unoffended by my rage lol - Been cutting what’s left of my PL Montecarlos in half and fully enjoying the result - Happily smoked three cigars (one pc and two robustos) back to back while waiting for my gf to get out of her 4 hour exam - Went to Montreal LCDH and spent way more than buying the 1-2 sticks I initially planned get…where ‘way more’ is relative to the fact that they are Canadian prices - Agree to never again smoke in the car I share with my gf but then lighting one up as soon as I drop her off and then buying those tree car air fresheners after - I can never tell what I want to smoke until the moment of, so I always pack wayyy more than is necessary to fit any possible mood I might be in at the time (I guess I am just moody lol) Anyone else?
  4. Just booked a vacation for 2 weeks in the end of Sept, we're landing in Paris CDG and will be staying a few days there, after that we might rent a car and head south, stopping at anything that's interesting (for now we have Reims, Dijon, Avignon, Marseille on our brainstorm list), hopefully we can do a day trip to Andorra before heading out to Barcelona. Having only been to France for 3 day in my previous trip I think it is best to ask our more-experience members for suggestions. How would you distribute your cigar purchase in this trip? Should I just buy everything in Andorra or should I save some quota for cigar shopping in France/Spain? I will be flying to Amsterdam (and layover for a few days there before heading home), will I have trouble for having 5-6 boxes of cigars in my luggage? The cigar shops in Paris has been mentioned numerous times before in this forum, I am wondering if there any other shops in other cities that are worth a visit? (in Lyon, Marseille, Barcelona etc?) ST Dupont lighter- buy in France or in Andorra ? Any local food/drinks I must have before leaving the country? Basically any tips on how to enjoy the trip are welcome, thank you very much in advance!
  5. Here are a few photos from the past weekend (March 21-22) in Montreal for the 2014 HERF: A few of us, after we landed in Montreal from Toronto, headed over to Stogies for a pre_HERF cigar: We then went to dinner at Au Pied du Cochon (forgive me, my french spelling ain't that good); This is the Veal Shoulder (apparently it was for two but the four us barely finished it): About 30 seconds after the plate was served, this is what it looked like: And, maybe about 3 minutes after that, I think we were done: (I swear it went so fast I almost didn't have time to take the shots) After dinner we decided it was time to head over to the HERF proper: Well, that's it for the first night. The next day after a quick breakfast at Nickel's (I know it seems cheesy to Montrealers but we like it) we headed over to the LCDH for a quick coffee and a light smoke. Once we were done with that we all sauntered over to the Rib & Reef (wicked lounge) for some more cigars and such (see below): While at the Rib & Reef we put together a personal tribute to MR. Mons: Art and Simon watching a bit of the hockey game on last night during dinner: Blue Steel: And a few more... A Samuel L. Jackson version of Blue Steel: ...and some more after that... The last two photos are for Art's "special day". Damned if I know what it was but it was his I guess... ...and that's it for the photos...after the Rib we headed back down to the LCDH for the final event of the night, a small gathering for a few of the Friday Herf attendees...and then off to Stogies to have a few more drinks, and the last two/three cigars for the night (I think I went through 19 or 20 over the two days). By this time I decided to give the photo taking a rest and focus on smoking (some of the cigars I smoked can be seen on Instagram, if you so choose under ebhead242)... Hope you enjoyed...until next time, E
  6. The perfect cigar for today. Only available today. Hurry and share before they're gone... PS : Used to do stuff like this - see : but got too lazy ....
  7. Just this week I had two interesting wrapper failures in PSD4 cigars, both from the same "three-pack-tube" box, but probably not originally so (explained below). Just as I was finishing the first third, the wrapper in the middle of the cigar started to flake off. It wasn't the whole wrapper, it just looked like a tissue thin layer of the wrapper, sort of like flaky pastry dough. The cigar maintained its integrity in both cases and easily smoked to the nub. One got pretty strong and harsh at the very end, the other did not. It was kind of ironic because that same night at the club I took note of a couple of other members smoking non-CC's with wrappers that were disintegrating in rather flamboyant style. Perhaps this was Karma coming back to bite me for my schadenfreude? Or perhaps my double fail was a result of previous over drying. The stock of PSD4's I've (up until now) acquired on my way through the Hong Kong airport at the Duty Free shop there. They have wonderful (looking) walk-in humidors (and they also charge you out the yin-yang! ). However they do have a nice selection and it's a tempting stop for those of us living in CC impoverished regions. I only recently learned that their walk-in "Humidor" actually has no humidification at all! And the warehouse down below has neither humidification nor temperature control! Of the PSD4's I'd bought there, I've always had to sort through the tubed-3-packs because the stock was in such poor condition: dried out, busted wrappers, splits, etc. It would take three boxes to make one good box. Funny that the other cigars I bought there (Cohiba robustos, SVI's, Monte 4's by the 25, Punch Punch in tubes) were never so roughed up. Mostly it was just the PSD4's. I'd bring the cigars home, packed in a baggie with a damp paper towel for the flight, and let them sit in my Humi for a couple of months before attempting to smoke. Early on I busted a couple of wrappers by keeping the Humi too damp and also uncapping the tubes. I switched to a lower Humidity (69% Boveda's) and leave the cigars capped and boxed now (to slow down the humidity exchange) and everything since has worked fine (and things seem to smoke better below 70Rh than above IMHO). Anyway, I'm guessing that these two PSD4's were just terminally damaged from the start. Even though they had been gently brought back to proper humidity over 3-4 months, and even though there was no evident damage to the wrapper on lighting, they were likely an example of a dried out cigar that couldn't be saved. The only odd thing was the way the wrapper flaked off in that super-thin way. Could the problem perhaps have been a funky leaf at assembly? Both cigars smoked fine, but were not the best tasting PSD4's ever. What's the strangest cigar fail you guys have ever seen?
  8. Hi everyone I'm mike I live in Virginia with wife and 2 sons. Some new friends introduced me to cigars and I'm hooked. Can't belive I've wasted 40 years that I could have been smoking. As I said new to smoking cigars and am forced to smoke on a budget so any suggestions on a good value price cigar would be welcome. now to try to contribute to all of you anyone needing a good hygrometer i found a Meade TM005X-M on then if you add a Kikkerland Kikkerland Casino Bottle Opener you'll be over $35 and get free shipping then put in coupon code SPRINGCASA20 to get 20 % off so end cost for both is $28.78.
  9. Found this on another site. (reference below) Original Link

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