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  1. Hey all, Just got back from Havana with my lady for a week. We had an amazing time there, It was my second time going and my girl's first time. Basically, All the stores I visited had all regular production cigars from mostly 2015, few boxes here and there from 2014. didn't see anything older than that. Habana Libre was the best stocked store by far, had about 10 boxes of Club Allones when I was there. Melia Habana, Melia Cohiba and Conde de la villanueva was worth the trip for the custom rolls, but all had just regular stock on the shelves. No LE's to speak of. Did not have time to go to
  2. Found these in an antique shop this afternoon. I suspect they might be Clear Havana related. Pre 1950's at minimum. Anyone familiar with these?
  3. I like House of Cards but this will be an interesting experiment by Netflix in Cuba.
  4. Received a few texts from Keith last night as he was attending the opening dinner of the Partagas Festival. Which was somewhat rained out. He reports the following: Launch of Partagas Clubs and Mini's in 10 and 20 packs. The packs sport the Partagas red and black color motifs and look like cigarette flip top packages. They're in limited international release. They are calling these packs "Serie Club" On a more sombre note. Noted Italian aficionado, Massimo Di Giovanni, had reportedly passed away suddenly on Sunday. There was an "In Memorium" done at the opening dinner. Very classy.
  5. Where else can you sit by the Malecon and enjoy great food and service with the added bonus that you will be disconnected in the true sense of the word ? Your mobile will not work here, right in the centre of Havana, as the place is located in a nice old house that happens to be neighbouring the US Interest Section, so with all the electronic clutter and signal interference from the nearby Cuban listening posts, you better switch it off. Which we did, but more because the place is worth your full attention. A very smart, well designed cool place with a/c interior rooms and, best of all, a l
  6. This is my final contribution from the Cuba trip. Interestingly enough, this place has been featured in a highly readable news feature on the embargo and Cuban economics on Al Jazeera, as I found out : He spoke while dining at Rejoneo Asador in the capital's upscale Miramar neighborhood, an establishment that seems to illustrate his point. The restaurant, which serves mammoth portions of beef, is subject to a government rule limiting eateries to 50 chairs. So the owner created three dining areas — adjacent but technically separate — for a legal total of 150 seats. The venue includes a cafet
  7. Rainer & Marled are friends from my village in Germany. Rainer smokes with us at the pharmacy and Marled takes cooking classes with my wife. Both have a passion to travel, a love that became fulfilled when they left East Germany right after the crumbling of the Berlin wall. Being surrounded by a wall gives you the urge to travel freely. So they are familiar with all the socialist BS you encounter in Cuba. A few years back they were in Havana briefly before starting a holiday in Varadero and I arranged for them to see some spots, buy cigars and a tour to the Vuelta Abajo. They liked H
  8. It's properly called "La Corte del Principe" - but Sergio is the owner and so it's Sergio's place. He's been around a year on this quiet corner at Parque Monte Barreto and the place is busy. You are lucky to get a table but it's most definitely worth it. The best homemade Pasta in town, delicious Gambas in the shell, a Mediterranean atmosphere, great for a long leisurely lunch or dinner al fresco followed by good cigars. For text and Pictures :
  9. After so many great eating places, it's about time to present the only dud hole this trip : Bistro Habana Kohly or BHK. Punch Joe wanted me to check this place out and arranged for an ad hoc lunch with good friends. The place is specially recommended for meat on a hot stone, if you like that, and additionally it has a good menu. BHK promises more than it delivers - it was OK but has large room for improvement as I see it. The first would be to put shades / sails on the patio or else you fry in the sun. Even when you started out in the shade ... We tried pulpo for starters and while the f
  10. The relationship between this place or rather nameless hole in the wall and me was love at first sight. Maybe it was the blonde Italian B-767 flight attendant at the bar that attracted me first, but soon enough she was into the black bartender and I was into the mood of the place while nurturing a cigar and a Santiago 7. It had been recommended to me last year, but I didn't have the time. This year I had and, what can I say, I am a regular there by now, greeted with a hand-shake and even the young local cop will hide inside behind a pillar and have a drink on me. The guys behind the counte
  11. Hey wife and I will be in Havana May 11-14, and then off to meet some friends in Varadero May 14-20. If anyone is around and wants to meet up for cigars and drinks, let me know. It would be great to meet up with other BOTL's!!!
  12. Some pictures of very fine Humidors sold by one of the Casas del Habano in the city. These are : 70 numbered “Piano” Humidors manufactured by “De Cuba” celebrating Chucho Valdes and containing 20 MC 2 & 18 Cohiba Pir. Extra. 30 numbered “Compay Segundo” Humidors manufactured by “Cedral” containing MC 2, 4, Edmundos and 520. I found these beauties during my first days in town, several are on their way to Europe. Nino For more pictures : http://flyingcigar.d...-fine-humidors/
  13. Just got back from our amazing Cuban trip. This was the first time my wife and I have been away from our kids (more than a couple of days) since they were born! The goal of the trip was to relax and to celebrate so we stayed at the Barcelo Solymar. Fantastic beach. We arrived on Saturday morning at 0145 and left the resort at 0745 for our trip to Havana. My wife’s idea...she wanted me to see Havana and get the cigars I wanted. That trip to Havana brought a lot of amazing connections....more to come on that. We both agree next time we stay in Havana for at least 3 days. We pre-arranged a
  14. Here are some of my photos from the trip. Horror show...Keith photobomb... El Capitolo (thanks to Enis for camera setting advice) Street shot Conor having a slice of the good life. International Group shot. Canadians and Germans, one American. Simon, Crisantos and Art. An excellent pairing of 14YO Irish Whiskey and 1998 Monte Especial's. (Courtesy of Rob Fox) Jose, Rob Fox and Frank Rob Fox, Hamlet, El Prez Partagas Factory

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