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Found 7 results

  1. Article from Granma regarding the newly accepted (16-17 campaign) Corojo 2012 Strain. No mention as to the qualities of the tobacco as a finished product, only that it will be more resistant to disease, and most importantly, yield two more leaves per plant. Only 200 Hectares planted this year, but if results are good this new strain could begin arriving on our doorsteps in 4-5 years. So, a reach back to the old Corojo, or another step away from the cuban black tobacco of old?
  2. Swung by the local B&M today and picked up a single Monte 520 then went home and went on a nice run. I figured I should reward myself for running so I took this guy to flame. Some thoughts: * This is a big cigar. At a 55rg it is a bit too big for my liking * Can't deny that the cigar is visually awesome! A smooth dark brown wrapper that just begs to be smoked * I knew this cigar was probably a bit over humidified for my tastes, but I lit it anyway * First third, OMG what a great cigar. Cream and chocolate flavors everywhere. If it keeps up this will be a classic right now * Second thi
  3. One of the CCW eagle eye readers has spotted a change to the current warranty seal. This change is obviously aimed at the "grey market" sellers who remove the bar-code from the seal. The seal now contains the bar-code number printed at various locations within the seal in very small text (not as small as the micro-printing) at 7 locations (found so far) but my seal was damaged. Alex will update the website with further images within the next few days. This number corresponds with the bar-code number.
  4. RG: 50 Length: 115 mm Handmade, using short-filler tobacco I admit I'm a fan of Quintero. The Quintero - Brevas is clearly one of my favorite cigars. Although it is not always an optical appealing. From the age of about 7 years, I find it extremely balanced, aromatic and delicious. So I am glad that now a (short) robusto cigar of this brand is available. Optics: The cigar comes in a classic Colorado. The somewhat ruder wrapper has individual thicker veins. Furthermore, the structure of the second wrapper is partially visible. This underlines the impression. In my opinion, this corresponds
  5. The results are in! The poll thread closed today. Below are the favorite cigars of 2012 as voted by FOH members. Thanks for participating. Take a look and keep the discussions civil please! Some stats: 16 cigars qualified for voting. See original post for criteria. 100 Members voted. Poll was open for 7 days. We have a tie for No 1 spot! FOH's Top Cigars of 2012 (unofficial)
  6. Alright, it's nearing that time of year, when a certain magazine picks their "Top 25" of the year and all Internet cigar forums whip themselves into a bloody froth. So, let's hear some opinions. What 2012 releases do you think will make it into this most coveted list? Let's stick to Cubans for the most part. Feel free to list any exceptional NC's too. And we're off!!
  7. Here are some of my photos from the trip. Horror show...Keith photobomb... El Capitolo (thanks to Enis for camera setting advice) Street shot Conor having a slice of the good life. International Group shot. Canadians and Germans, one American. Simon, Crisantos and Art. An excellent pairing of 14YO Irish Whiskey and 1998 Monte Especial's. (Courtesy of Rob Fox) Jose, Rob Fox and Frank Rob Fox, Hamlet, El Prez Partagas Factory

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