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Found 8 results

  1. Partagas Seleccion Privada - Edición Limitada 2014 (OPG Dic 2014) Vitola: Magnum 50 (50 ring gauge x 160 mm or 6.3 inches) Introduction: I've been meaning to visit this cigar for some time now, perhaps as much as 12 months. So why did I put it off for so long, and why has this Limited Edition cigar flown 'under-the-radar' lately? Certainly you rated it highly. A recent thread below discussed the two best Limited Editions of the past three years and the Partagas Seleccion Privada got many of your votes. Heck, it even got my vote! (Okay, I've sampled the H.Upmann Magnum 56 since then and so it's hard to just choose two.) Aroma and Cold Draw: Typical of Limited Edition releases, the aroma was refined yet strong. The wrapper was a distinctive rosado 'red'. My cold draw instantly told me that this was going to be flavoursome, I could detect pepper even before I lit the cigar. First Third: The very first puff indicated Partagas DNA, oh boy, this was full of flavour. Coffee, sourdough, some leather and pepper, this was like a mild-medium Partagas Serie D No.4 with about 3 or 4 years of age on it. There was also good pepper through the nose and excellent amounts of smoke per puff. Second Third: This was by far the most enjoyable part of the cigar, this is where I want the cigar to be in the next two to three years throughout its length. By now the pepper had died off, retrohaling was more smooth, and the coffee and sourdough spine one gets from a quality Partagas Lusitania was what I savoured. Final Third: During the final third, I encountered the standard dominant 'toasted tobacco' one finds in a cigar that shows obvious signs that it's still peaking. Still, I had no problem smoking it down, but it wasn't as brilliant as the first two-thirds. Conclusion: If you have a box of this 2014 Limited Edition cigar resting, now is the time to start sampling it in my view. It's incredible to find Ken and Rob's views on this cigar in December 2014 are simply so 'spot-on' two-and-a-half years later! The 'Christmas cake' richness, the Partagas marca characteristics, the exhortation to re-visit these sometime in 2017. As for me, I have a box resting away which I desire to peak further, perhaps I'll visit in another year or two, sampling one per six months. In the meantime, I think I'll sample my other single in my home humidor sometime in 2018. Below are some links to some other excellent reviews on this fine cigar...
  2. Format: Robusto Dimensions: 58 ring gauge x 127 mm Date: Saturday 9th of July, 2016 Cold Draw: Chocolate, cocoa and vanilla bean and 'refined'* barnyard. (*refined barnyard, as in, a barnyard aroma that is easily scented, yet not pleasantly overwhelming, if you get what I mean!) Lit: 2:05 p.m. Initial Draw: Again, I used my 3-in-1 Credo Punch Cutter, using the largest 14 mm cut, to make another perfect punch. Like my recent H.Upmann Magnum 56 2015 Limited Edition review, this cigar is another jaw-breaker, with a 58 ring gauge this time! There's nice elements of light chocolate and Cohiba grass/hay, with a little leather. The best way to describe the initial draw is to liken it to a Cohiba Magicos on 'steroids'. At times the grass/hay element is extremely enjoyable and refined, whereas the strong leather element indicates, in my mind, that this cigar still requires more time to settle. First Third: Again, I've paired this with a nice black espresso, my usual beverage of choice. The construction is outstanding, the burn is even and smoke output is fine. I'm getting some more refined grass/hay intermingled with chocolate and leather on the aftertaste. In summary, this cigar is not as refined as I'd like it to be. I detect some spice/pepper through the nose now. Overall the cigar is medium to medium-full in strength. Second Third: I'm still getting some very pleasant Cohiba honey and grass, with that fuller-bodied leather. There's some more spice coming through. I'm smoking a little slower now, with less multiple draws, to savour the grass/hay on the initial puffs. The construction continues to be excellent and the burn is very even, with smoke output good too. Final Third: The cigar has become medium-full at this point, with chocolate and leather/'earthy' flavours dominating. There's still some tinges of refined grass/hay, but not as much as in the first two-thirds. There's even more spice than before, especially through the nose. The cigar is much less flavoursome though towards the end of the final third, a sure sign that this requires a re-visit down the track to see how it progresses with further resting. Completed: 3:40 p.m. Conclusion: If you approach this Limited Edition expecting a 'supremely' flavoured mild, Cohiba grass/hay, honey and vanilla cigar, prepare to be disappointed. Rather, I'd approach this as a 'Supreme' Cohiba Magicos instead. Coincidentally, having enjoyed an aged 8-year old Cohiba Magicos yesterday with Trevor Leask, I can attest how appealing the combination of chocolate, espresso and an underlying Cohiba grass/hay base can be. As for the Cohiba Robustos Supremos, even at 18 months old, it's a good cigar, but not a great cigar. I intend to re-visit this in another 18 months, and then another 18 to 24 months after that, as this could become a very, very good cigar, but it probably won't approach the same depth of class as the most recent Cohiba Limited Edition, the Cohiba 1966 LE (2011). If and/or when that leather and earthiness settles in the back half of the cigar, and it becomes more medium to medium-mild in strength, that is when I recommend enjoying this cigar. Until then, keep them safe in that beautifully varnished 10-count box.
  3. Format: Grand Corona (Factory viola: Hermosos No.3) Dimensions: 48 ring gauge x 140 mm Date: Tuesday 12th of July, 2016 Cold Draw: Wonderfully refined barnyard with a hint of earthiness and mocha coffee. Lit: 1:45 p.m. Initial Draw: Again, I used my 3-in-1 Credo Punch Cutter, but this time I used the largest 10 mm cut, to make another perfect punch (The 10 mm punch cut is for cigars up to 48 ring gauge). I really like the size of this Limited Edition cigar, at 48 ring gauge by 140 mm, it's very close to my favoured corona-size, which I find ideal. The draw is excellent. The mocha and chocolate and espresso flavours make me look forward to how this cigar will progress. Through the nose I get a decent amount of spice, not too over-powering or too little, and the cigar is around medium in strength. First Third: As per usual, I've paired this with a nice black espresso. Spice has picked up through the middle of the first third. Combined with chocolate, these are the two flavours dominating. Construction is spot on for a Limited Edition. The burn is even and ash is a consistent grey/light-grey. Towards the end of the first third the spice has settled, both through the draw and the nose. Second Third: Still medium in strength, the flavour has changed somewhat. No longer chocolate-y and spicy, instead I'm picking up a dull earthiness, like mushroom, which comes through every draw. The spice is still there in the aftertaste. Construction and smoke output continues to excel. As the cigar progresses through to the middle of the second third, the spiciness re-appears, making this Bolivar EL, in my opinion, pleasantly complex (but not as complex as say, a H.Upmann Noella). Final Third: At the beginning of the final third, I'm still getting a combination of very mild earthy/leather and spicy flavour at medium strength. There's only a hint of chocolate per draw now. It's been a quality smoke so far, the only criticism I have is that I can't get the ash-length past half an inch (1.25 cm), but this is only a minor regret, as there are no signs of over-heating. Towards the end of the cigar, the spiciness comes back, I'd describe it like a Partagas Serie D No.4 without the sourdough/creamy edge to it. Completed: 3:05 p.m. Conclusion: If you are a Bolivar fan, I'd say you'd find this a little milder than what you're used to. My palate does not gravitate to 'earthy' cigars, so Bolivar is a marca I tend to look over, however, I'd even admit that this cigar was a quality smoke and a success as a Limited Edition release. If you like milder spice, chocolate and leather in your cigars, then this is the right cigar for you. It's a shame that Habanos S.A. could not release this in a 10-count box, otherwise I'd imagine they'd have been the 2014 equivalent of the Ramon Allones Club Allones in regards to popularity and appeal amongst Habanos enthusiasts. No matter, if you have a box, rest assured that these are smoking well now, and in my view, have the potential to age nicely at the 3 to 5 year mark.
  4. Best New Cigars of 2014 Notes: Heavy emphasis on "new" since Habanos is not great with meeting release dates, many of the cigars listed were actually released late 2013. Not many have had a chance to smoke them, so I've bumped them up to make them eligible for 2014. This poll is just for fun. It is not the most scientific but it is hoped that we can capture FOH members' opinions on what they enjoyed the most the past year. (or so) I've taken this list of what was released late 2013 and throughout 2014 to come up with "Best of 2014" Candidates. The items not grayed out are eligible for the "Best of 2014" Voting. The one's grayed out can be voted on as your most anticipated release. One vote per question. Make it count. Poll closes Dec 31 11:59/23:59 (Czar time)
  5. Received a few texts from Keith last night as he was attending the opening dinner of the Partagas Festival. Which was somewhat rained out. He reports the following: Launch of Partagas Clubs and Mini's in 10 and 20 packs. The packs sport the Partagas red and black color motifs and look like cigarette flip top packages. They're in limited international release. They are calling these packs "Serie Club" On a more sombre note. Noted Italian aficionado, Massimo Di Giovanni, had reportedly passed away suddenly on Sunday. There was an "In Memorium" done at the opening dinner. Very classy. Fellow visitors to Havana may have seen or met him in the Partagas VIP lounge. He was affiliated with the Italian cigar site. Cigar Club Association. To those that knew him well; our condolences.
  6. I managed to snag one of these "obscene" monsters. For comparison, I lined it up against the BHK56 and Cohiba 1966 EL 2011 Here they are in line. A look at the foot Part 1 A look at the foot Part 2 I didn't notice a huge difference in the RG between the Supremo and BHK. The BHK56 did seem a bit puffy to me at the foot. Either that, or the 2RG difference isn't easy to make it.
  7. ANNOUNCEMENT It's been quite some time since the dust settled on the 2014 Toronto MegaHerf. I realized that we did not publicly announce how much money everyone's generosity has raised. If we go back to the 2013 event, we raised $5800 which was a huge increase over the 2012 event. (~$3000) I am therefore proud to announce that we bested our 2013 achievement. In 2014, we raised $7651! (Canadian funds) :clap: :clap: This year we are splitting the funds between the following charities. The Nicaraguan Children's Feeding Mission that our fellow FOH'er Rob Schildt (aka “freefallguy”) lends his time, heartfelt effort, and money to. To find out more about the Children's Feeding Mission, see here. The Lung Kong Association in Havana that benefits Chinese-Cuban immigrants. This is a charity close to the heart of a number of many Canadian FOH members. Each charity will receive $3825 Many thanks to everyone involved. See you next year for our 5th Anniversary.

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