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Found 3 results

  1. Bolivar Colosales RE Alemania 2006 First impression: Nice darker wrapper, slightly oily, sweet, grassy, woody smell, no soft spots to the touch. Draw at cold close to perfect with a sweet wood taste. Paring with water Smoking outside at 29C / 65 RH, slight breeze First draw: Nice sweetness, wood, grass, leather, medium strength, intense in flavor, a lot of them, to many for me to detect. Every puff brings out a slightly different flavor profile. Getting backing spices, a bit of saltines on top of the others. 20 minutes in. The strength is constant, at just medium. The flavor is constantly changing. Just had some Caramel, sweetness on and of, leather, sometimes wood, here and there a pinch of salt. Going into 2nd 3rd, she becomes more a Bolivar. Strength increases, more leather, wood, still the sweet and grassy undertone and a lot of flavor I am not able to describe. Constant and for me a near perfect burn. Tons of smoke since the first draw, slightly velvet feel to it. Half way down, I can't say the cigar is following proper the traditional 3rds, more like constant changes every few puffs. A synergy of Sir Winston, Coro and Bolivar CG. Last 3rd, the overall strength and flavor gears up a bit. More going towards Bolivar, leather, wood, some bits of pepper, grass and hidden molasse. Set it down after 1:30 hrs To me a fantastic cigar. Close to perfect balance of strength, flavor and progression. Thanks for reading.
  2. I blazed this cigar last night, but I wanted to type up the review on the laptop, rather than the phone, so this is what we will call a #latergram review... I paired the cigar with a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (current favourite) and a Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 as the chaser. Notice my radical stand? Many thanks to @rye for this work of art, and the opportunity to obtain one via a fabulous instagram auction for a great cause. #frothing On to the cigar...with an ever so slightly cracked foot, this was the worst looking Belicosos, Piramides or Churchill in my tower at home. And at 4 years old, the time was just right to take it to the flame and review the hell out of it. Apart from the cracked foot, construction felt great. Head was nice. Wrapper slightly veiny, maybe a little toothy. Great colorado colouring. Was well packed, no soft spot, all the way to the foot. Pre-light draw was absolutely perfect, with a very floral aftertaste. However, once taken to the flame, this cigar was completely different. Possibly one of the sweetest and fruitiest cigars I've ever had. It was delightful. A perfect dessert. Actually reminiscent of a Ramon Allones Specially Selected, juiced up on steroids. Now at this point, the leaf at the bottom of the pool has really annoyed me. But I was quickly snapped out of it, because at the end of the first-third, those floral notes that I expected started to come through. Paired with the Stone & Wood, this was a lovely transition in the cigar. Still very sweet, but the floral nose was a fabulous addition. Apologies for the dark shot, but this is how I took my notes for this review. It was at the halfway point that some nuttiness and a touch of salt became apparent. Really impressed with this cigar now. Quite complex. By the end, I was really disappointed it was over. Which is always a great indication. This was a one-off cigar for me. I think my mate Johno gave it to me, with a bunch of other regionals a couple years ago. Retrospectively, it is close to a Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos, but not quite as good. I would give this cigar a solid 90, maybe a 91. Happy Friday everyone!

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