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Found 25 results

  1. Greetings again dear friends! I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge @Chef and @Psiman for their enthusiasm and encouragement for this particular Video Review Series. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and they can assist you with your cigar journey. Again, like all my other past Series, I'd like to say that speaking 'on-the-fly' about cigars is certainly a challenge and I will need to acknowledge errors throughout this series (so again bare with me). Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on these cigars in this thread. If you have views or opinions contrary to what has been
  2. The one where our hero froze his arse off - it's 33 in Georgia this morning. But a nice clear morning, I'm over the cold I had, and what better way to celebrate a Friday? Who am I kidding, I usually smoke a cigar Friday morning, it's just colder today Picked this up from an HQ sampler last October, been sitting in the tupperdor for about a year waiting for a day like today. Good construction, a bit squishy up around the band, but overall well made, nice color and smell. V cut, toast it a bit and start. Bit of an uneven burn at the beginning, but blame that on me. Hands may have been
  3. I was curious if there was any indication that the Bolivar Corona Gigantes would be making a last swan song on FOH again before disappearing forever. I was lucky enough to get a box and in my moment of weakness both opened and smoked well over half prior to the announcment they would be DCd. I haven't seen any in many months and have been checking far more often than my wife and bank account would like . Any thoughts on this or whether they will be somewhat available on the secondary market going forward?
  4. I discovered Bolivar at the beginning of my CC smoking hobby, some 4 years ago. I was in Mexico on vacation and excited to try CCs for the first time. The cigar/wine shop had only four boxes of cigars at that time, so I picked one cigar from each box. The very first cigar I had was a dark small cigar in a red tube, a Tubos #2. I rushed back to the hotel and lit up the little Bolivar. Very aromatic and flavorful, and overpowering. My tongue was enveloped in black coffee and leather and spice and earthy flavors. It was all too much for me. I ended it halfway and thought to myself, that wa
  5. Hello fellow lovers of the leaf! Few of us in Hong Kong are trying to start some weekly ish reviews and figured some of the members here might find them informative/entertaining as you will. Cheers Nate
  6. No, this is a departure from the Pig's now standardized video review. I figured I would just make it simple... The recent thread on the Boli Gold Medal more or less motivated me to pull out a box and smoke one. I did buy some of the original CW release, but just like today, I have not been much to be stabbed by 'limited' cigars and even at the 'group buy' price, I figured that they were more expensive than what they were worth. As their interest began to wane, I bought more of the re-release and I am glad that I did. My cigar was firm and really well packed. It was dried sufficiently
  7. I've decided to post my 2016 Xmas Sampler Review in the Review Section for future reference purposes. It was originally posted in February this year in the 'Daily Smoke' thread... Cigars I've smoked lately... The 2016 Xmas Sampler (dedicated to our dear friend @Hurltim) Did you happen to pick up El Pres' 2016 Xmas Sampler? These cigars represent Rob's most consistent quality cigars for 2016. I smoked through these fine cigars during my January vacation time, on my own, watching sport, watching movies and sometimes in the fine company of some other dear fellow cigar enthusiasts
  8. I usually take information from Cigar Aficionado with a grain of salt. However it looks like they were on the money with this article predicting the demise of the BCG back in June. Was this something obvious we should have seen coming or did our friends at CA have some inside knowledge? Either way I still have to question the decision to delete this fine Churchill.
  9. When I hear the name Inmensas it tends to conjure up an image of a very large cigar, but the Bolivar Inmensas is not as big as the name might suggest. At 6.7" by 43 it is a lonsdale (dahlia), which is my favorite format for a 2 hour smoke. With only a couple of sticks remaining from this box I've long since discarded the box. Of course, the Inmensas were discontinued in 2009, and I never got to adding more of them to my humidor, so once these are gone I will close this chapter on this once great vitola in my collection. I tend to get a little sentimental every time I light one up because I
  10. It has been awhile since I have smoked a cigar so I picked something deliberately small. I was thinking that I was going to get something a bit more powerful, these cigars can be robust. Yet with all said and done, with a few too many narcotics in my system already, using the wrong words with regularity, I was quite happy that this one did not bowl me over while making some history today. This is my first ever video review. Get a good laugh at my expense brothers (and sisters). Time to poke at the Pig!!! -LOL Thanks again Chris for the cigar, lovely. Thanks for watching brothers
  11. Stats: 7” x 47 Vitola: Julieta #2 Initial Thoughts: Like most of the big Cuban cigars that I’ve had, the BCG feels light in the hand. It lacks that dense, meaty feel I’m accustomed to from similarly-sized Nicaraguan cigars. This isn’t a bad thing. The wrapper is a golden, medium brown. Plenty of small veins, and the cigar is quite toothy. Very slightly oily. Not a great looking wrapper, but it’s not particularly dull or bad-looking either. 1st 3rd: Perfect draw, with just a touch of resistance. The initial flavor impressions are salt, baking spices. Body
  12. Bolivar Coronas Junior...a great little stick. This is actually the first box I purchased from our host during a 24. Luck would have it that it's a ULA Sep 14 so she's got some time on her. These were a clearance selection but look beautiful. Its a short smoke so I won't break it into segments. Here are my thoughts about today's smoke. It opens immediately with little to no foreplay. She's a medium to full smoke in the start and half way through settles at a medium + . Coffee, tobacco and some cedar for the flavors. This box has been very smokeable with all cigars having what I
  13. This BBF comes from a dress box of 25 that I have had for about 6 months, this is only the second stick I have tried from the box. I gave my dad one the other night and he had to put it down just past half way, he got a serious nicotine buzz. I haven't experienced that with either of the cigars I have smoked, although they have been very rich and full flavored. Pre Light- Spongy feel to the cigar, a few soft spots, nice mottling on the wrapper. I took a conservative cut, but the draw was still nice and open, some might say borderline wind tunnel, but perfect for me. Not much on the
  14. Thank you to Rob for putting on this competition. I am looking forward to all of the amazing, mouth-watering reviews to come. Be well! Edit: 8/21 - In a fortuitous turn of events, my name was drawn for this particular contest. Thank you again to @Elpresidente and his fabulous staff for working to create an environment which both welcomes and educates smokers of all levels who share in a passion for Habanos. Primero: Very smooth - smooth.. Rich roasted coffee beans, not a kick/peaky coffee. Well goodness, if that isn't just lovely. In reference to the aroma the cig
  15. Format: Grand Corona (Factory viola: Hermosos No.3) Dimensions: 48 ring gauge x 140 mm Date: Tuesday 12th of July, 2016 Cold Draw: Wonderfully refined barnyard with a hint of earthiness and mocha coffee. Lit: 1:45 p.m. Initial Draw: Again, I used my 3-in-1 Credo Punch Cutter, but this time I used the largest 10 mm cut, to make another perfect punch (The 10 mm punch cut is for cigars up to 48 ring gauge). I really like the size of this Limited Edition cigar, at 48 ring gauge by 140 mm, it's very close to my favoured corona-size, which I find ideal. The draw is excellent
  16. BRC...for some reason i just never reach for these when im in the mood for a Robusto. RASS and PSD4's are staples for me, Everything about the BRC looks appealing to me...the aroma at cold, the dark wrapper. so why do I pass these over all the time? Well I picked one up, packed in my caddy and finally deceided to put flame to it. I punched this cigar with the medium punch of my creedo 3 punch cutter and light it up. First third: FIrst puffs were just pure coco. Dark chocolate in spades. Cigar was producing tons of smoke as well. It was burning beautifully and even. after the first few draw
  17. Hey guys/gals, You may be thinking, oh another one of these threads, but I wasn't 100% sure where to express all my thoughts. So, after spending the past 3 days in the roof of my house, removing all the ripple corrugated iron of the original ceilings, I thought I deserved a nice relaxing night. Called in sick for my overnight shift (incredibly sore back), I headed outside after tea for a Bolivar Petit Corona. Got the laptop setup to catch up on some TV shows, and got myself comfy. This was the 3rd one from this box (43 days in the tupperdor), I picked one out that had a slightly lighter w
  18. Review: Bolívar Poderosos - 2013 Release: Regional Edition - Belux 2013 Vitola: 54RG * 180mm (7.1 inches) aka “Rodolfo” aka “Double Pyramid” Production: 2000 boxes of 25 cigars made. (50,000 cigars) Box Code: MUR SEP 13|ivar#377_Edici|on_Regional_Belux Date: Sunday June 1, 2014 Start Time: 8:42PM EST Reviewers' Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with obs
  19. Bolivar Colosales RE Alemania 2006 First impression: Nice darker wrapper, slightly oily, sweet, grassy, woody smell, no soft spots to the touch. Draw at cold close to perfect with a sweet wood taste. Paring with water Smoking outside at 29C / 65 RH, slight breeze First draw: Nice sweetness, wood, grass, leather, medium strength, intense in flavor, a lot of them, to many for me to detect. Every puff brings out a slightly different flavor profile. Getting backing spices, a bit of saltines on top of the others. 20 minutes in. The strength is constant, at just medium. The flavor
  20. You can read the full review I wrote here on my blog. Enjoy At cold, the Bolivar Super corona has that barn smell a lot of fresh cigars have. As weird as this might sound, this smell is quite attractive to any aficionado as it can make the mind travel all the way to a curing barn in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. The construction is even and there arent any soft or hard spots. Visually, this doesnt have the prettiest wrapper. I find this tends to happen more frequently with the limited editions as the have a thicker and darker wrapper. When cut, this cigar gave me a perfect draw with just enou
  21. By accident I ran into a partial box of 19 Bolivar Regentes. I am not a big fan of Bolivar and I really do not know what happend to me, but believe me or not this little bugger were waving and shouting: Buy me - smoke me. Hey how could I resist?? Have a look yourself: and yes I did smoke a few. I was always wondering with the citrus taste in Bolivar, but with those little bugger I get it. Cold draw was very earthy and leather. First puffs very mallow and mild I was absolutley surprised by this little flavor bomb. Citrus, candid lemon peel, creme brulee very solid ash an
  22. Random Dribble Before the Review Actually Starts Feel free to skip this. Or the entire review, for that matter... "When God created cigars, he imagined a Lonsdale." -Bloke i can't remember on this forum. Bloody hell do i hate 1999 box codes. Why in God's name did they have to have an annoying little transition phase for these? I mean, many good cigars i've had bear these codes (Dip 1s, Hoyo Coronas, Punch Margaritas, just to name a few) but damn is it annoying for the sake of consistency. Anyways, back to this specific cigar. CCES is July of 1999. This just so happens to be the month Hon
  23. Length: 18cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Poderosos Vitola: Double Pyramid Type: Rodolfo Presentation: Box of 25s (Only 2,000 Serial numbered) Special Presentation: Jar of 25s (Only 100 Serial numbered) exclusive to LCDH Knokke & Gent Release Date: Last quarter 2013 The Poderosos is the second exclusive release for the 2013 BELUX region (Belgium and Luxembourg) following its predecessor the amazing La Gloria Cubana Belux No.1 back in 2011. They hale with an awesome new size of a double pyramid and a ring gauge of
  24. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give my personal review of the Bolivar Belicosos Finos. I just received these babies a couple days ago and they have been sitting in their personal humidor since these cigars have a strong smell I keep them away from other cigars. The first part of the review is the overall construction. it may be hard to view from this Camera photo (sorry HD pic is too large for a better quality) but the construction is just magnificent and the aroma lifted me off my feet and sent me towards the Humidor. the smell of Cedar surrounded the Cigar. As everyone knows lighting

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