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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone here with season tickets or plan to attend some games this year? This will be my 5th year of season tickets for the Raiders, and, uh, I picked a really bad time to start buying them. It's been a few small victories mixed in with a lot of incompetent, losing football. Because they've been so bad, though, the tickets are pretty cheap (relative to other NFL tickets). $225 for 9 home games this year (they make you buy 2 pre-season games ) They're playing a game in Mexico City this year, which I was hoping to attend, but I'm not sure I'll make it now. Every year, I have foolish optimism
  2. What a season it's been so far! How is your team going? I found it very interesting to see that after six rounds, North Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs were one and two on the ladder and playing a 'premier' match on a Friday Night! The Kangaroos are six wins from six, their best start to a season since 1979. Two other teams, the Adelaide Crows and the Sydney Swans played a recent match at the Adelaide Oval where there was a 'kick in it' until the final 20 seconds of the game. As a Swans supporter, it was a great effort and a great match, no disgrace in losing by 10 points in one of the ma
  3. I had the chance of a lifetime for 2nd row end zone seats in yesterday's Green Bay Packers' game and it just so happens the very first drive, the first touchdown and the first Lambeau Leap of the game was right in front of me. I didn't get to manhandle the player but I did have the sense to record the whole play and leap! My wife was two seats to my right and got to touch his helmet and pads. What a great, once is a lifetime time we had last night!!!!
  4. Hey guys, This is a last minute thing as we have less than a week before the season starts, so I don't plan to put any type of wager behind this, just pure fun. Come on and join! Thanks. Settings: *Lock time is Sunday 1pm EST. *2 strikes and you are eliminated. *Playoffs included. league: 18516 password: gameday
  5. Starts up in about a month, anyone have any thoughts on what's going to go down or who they want to win? I unfortunately am half-german, in the states. So both teams I would root for are in this WC's "group of death" I hope US and Germany pull through. God I hate Ronaldo's pretty boy hair. Lol.
  6. Hello, guys, I live in Brazil and will be in Rio de Janeiro to the final match (26-30 June 2013). If someone will be there and want to have a cigar let me know. I've been in Rio many times so I also can give some tips about the city. BTW, I live in Curitiba and it will be one of the cities that will have the World Cup next year. If you have plans to visit Curitiba let me know as well. I know most of members of FOH are from Australia, Canada and USA (not big fans of football) but who knows? Regards Oliver

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