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Found 7 results

  1. When I'm going to enjoy a Puro, my little companion can sense it; so he keeps me company for the duration of the time. Meet Mitch...... He is 6 years old, Toy Yorkie, weighs only 3 lbs, and has the heart of a Lion. This little guy pulls his own weight, and continues to amaze my expectations. Mitch is cool, and shares his Love of the Leaf by his sheer enthusiasm. I don't believe we give our pets the credit they deserve as they are a big part of our hobby; so take time to show-off your Loyal Companion. Cheers "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man." -Mark Twain MITCH AT THE CIGAR-BAR.....
  2. Howdy. I know of many, many USA BOTL who have good air purifiers like the Rabbit Air, and the Lightning Air... but there's next to no information for purifiers for Australian cigar smokers. Sure, there's a bunch of air purifiers that have Australian plugs and can work on 240v/50Hz, but I don't know if they're any good for us cigar smokers in Australia. So I'm asking for a recommendation for cigar smokers in Australia who have an air purifier that actually works, and eliminates stale cigar smoke smell. I have no budget, and am looking for suggestions. All suggestions and advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Anyone have any awesome tips for keeping your vehicle smelling fresh? Got a new truck and a long daily commute, so obviously, I want to get in some smoke time. Activated charcoal and dryer sheets look promising. How about gadgets like this? Gadget
  4. Might not be for the living room (my study maybe) or when "guests" are over but if you have a man cave or are a garage smoker... Anyone done anything like this?
  5. After a lot of talk, I wanted to make poll about rh for Cubans and Nicaraguans. Please vote and see how people does it.
  6. A few nights ago i sat down to watch a few episodes of Stranger Things from Netflix ( great show!) and of course had a few cigars. first one was a Trini Robusto T from 2010. when i did a cold draw, it was very loose...i mean you could almost compare it to sucking on a straw!! anyway i lit it up reminding myself to take fewer puffs to let it cool before taking the next one. this helped a bit but even doing that the smoke was just ok. you just couldn't get those nuance flavors because it still burned to hot even taking fewer draws. i still was able to smoke 3\4 of it before putting it to rest. Now i was really looking forward to my second cigar, a SCLH Mercaderes from 2007! but when i took a cold draw on that one it was really firm! so firm that my first thought woulls be that i'd have to pitch it! anyway, once lit thought, i was surprised that it was actually drawing, firm and had to work at it a bit but still ok. and to my surprise the cigar was actually full of flavors! i could get so much nuance flavors because of the firm draw...the cigar just stayed cool all the way through. pure cake and sweet nuance flavors that just got deeper as i smoked through it. amazing really! great cigar. Quite an experience from opposite ends! Anyone else have a similar experience ? Steve
  7. Hello all, I have recently learned that most cigar smokers retro-hale (blow smoke through the nose directly from the mouth) in order to detect more flavors to a cigar (thanks to the olfactory receptor). This was great news to me because I never was able to taste too many flavors while smoking and was worried that my taste buds are weak . So I've read about retro-haling and watched some "how to" videos and eventually I was able to get some smoke out through my nose but it gave a burning sensation to the back of my throat so I'm wondering if that means I'm inhaling. I've only recently started smoking cigars and never smoked anything else so the sensation of smoke in my lungs isn't familiar to me and I don't want it to be. Is the burning normal when retro-haling? If smoke gets to my lungs, how would I know other than possibly coughing? Please give tips to the newbie Thank you, A K P.S. I will try to add more details of what I feel when blowing smoke through my nose while I'm smoking to give better detail, if necessary.

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