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Found 10 results

  1. Interesting story - great guy. How Mexico Became Home for Tampa Bay’s Cuban Star “I’m Cuban, but it’d be an honor for me to represent Mexico,” said Randy Arozarena, the rookie who has taken the postseason by storm. Randy Arozarena, 25, has emerged as the Rays’ best hitter and has powered them to within one win of
  2. Hi Guys, Opening Day is just around the corner! I've been running a fantasy baseball league with fellow smokers since 2006 or so. It started at the Cigar Aficionado forum and have shifted to the FOH forum for the last 3 years or so. For 2018, we already have nine of 12 members, looking for three more. The buy-in is $50 with payouts to 1-3 (56.67%/26.67%/8.33%) and best regular season record (8.33%). This is a head-to-head custom 5x5 league over at Yahoo. If you are interested, please take a look at the detailed settings and let me know. Draft is this Sunday March 25, 8:30pm CST. Thanks fo
  3. In planning a trip down to the island I was looking at attending a baseball game. Afterall, I am starting to see more and more Cuban stars in the MLB. I was wondering if anyone has attended a game down there and has any advice of seeing a game from either Havana or Varadero? I understand one of the best teams is in Matanzas that is accessible from Varadero? Are there any good teams near Havana? How to the logistics of getting to and from a game work? What is the game experience like? What is the best way to get tickets? Do the games sell out?
  4. Cuba has for decades been a David amongst Goliaths in the International Baseball and Boxing communities. The last few years have seen some decline here, especially in the area of baseball players defecting. However there is still quite a bit of respect due for what they have been able to accomplish. I was unable to catch a baseball game during my last trip for a number of reasons, but it is at the top of the list for my next trip. I will post the photos I was able to get of Latino Americano Stadium later. I have been unable to find anything, at all, regarding boxing within the count
  5. Hi Everyone, March is here which means two things, March Madness and baseball! I have a $50 buyin league at Yahoo setup with people I've encountered on the old cA forum and FOH. We have 10 so far and in need of 2 more (possibly 4 more as 2 have not yet paid their dues). You pay Yahoo when you register and gets paid by Yahoo after the season, so no worries about being stiffed. This is a 12-team 5x5 heads up league where the top 3 gets paid after the playoffs. The regular season champ also gets something for their troubles. For a full list of settings, please see below. Please PM me if int
  6. Another exciting year of Baseball and the season is now one-fifth of the way through. How is your team going? Some highlights so far.... The Chicago Cubs have the best record in Baseball so far, 25-6. This is their best start to a year since 1907. Can they finally claim the World Series after 107 years (the last time was 1908) and put their 1945 loss, the "Curse of the Billy Goat" and the "Steve Bartman Incident" behind them? I must say, December 2015 was quite amazing for the Cubs, with the acquisition of John Lackey, Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward. Their pitchers, Jake Arrieta and Jon Leste
  7. I've heard of inventive methods for curing batting slumps in Baseball, but Anthony Rizzo using Matt Szczur's bat and Addison Russell wearing Matt's underwear must sure rank right up there. And furthermore, Matt Szczur donated his blood marrow to help a toddler in Ukraine in 2010. Seriously, what a guy! All this and he didn't make the postseason roster for the Cubs this year!
  8. What constitutes a miracle in your mind? Walking on water? Raising the dead? Feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? Bartolo Colon's home run for the New York Mets against San Diego on the weekend, in my mind, constitutes a modern-day miracle. Consider the following... This was Bartolo Colon's first home run at 2 weeks shy of 43 years of age. Colon is the oldest MLB player to hit a first-time home run. He began in the major leagues in 1997. (The previous oldest first-time home run hitter was none other than Hall of Fame pitcher, Randy Johnson who did it just past his 40th birth
  9. Hi guys, we've been running a fantasy baseball league over at the cA forum for the last couple of years. This year, we have one person bail on us at the last minute. If anyone is interested, this is a head-to-head league at Yahoo! with a wager of 5 CCs. More details are at the bottom. PM me if interested. Thanks! Requirements: 1. Stay involved for the entire season, March - September. This is a daily league, so you need to be pretty involved; this is not fantasy football! Smile 2. Each member should be prepared to send 5 CCs unless you are in the top three. The season ends on Sept. 21. Y
  10. Hey Guys, Baseball season is almost upon us! A week or so away from opening day. I for one cannot wait. Personally its one of my favorite sporting events to attend live. I'm starting this thread to discuss the mlb season, discuss our teams, standings, games, doped up players, you know the ususal. I'll be keeping an eye on the Blue Jays this year, with their bolstered up roster thanks to Mr. Loria in Miami...(dont get me stated on Loria...) Expectations are high, Its defenitly Playoffs or bust with that team. I've always liked the BoSox as well. Something about that team always had me rootin

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