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Found 7 results

  1. skalls

    Flame Boss 300

    I've been meaning to write about this for awhile but I wanted to get a few cooks under my built before ranting about how awesome this piece of tech is. The Flame Boss 300 is a temperature controller for a smoker. Basically it comes with a fan that you hook up to the lower vent and 2 thermometers. One of which clips to the grate and the other gets shoved into the meat (you can buy y adapters and monitor up to 3 meat temps at the same time). The main controller is the brains and based on the temperature it's getting at the grate tells the fan to blow in air to maintain the temperature you w
  2. My brother couldn't make it up north for Easter so he came home this weekend. Gave me a good excuse to take a vacation day and make it a long weekend. With the day mostly over I'm glad he did. It's always fun to get out golfing and spend time with family. The day started out on the golf course at our hometown (Hawley, MN). Pat and I have played that course literally thousands of times in our lives and both of us could guide you through the course blindfolded. I didn't score as well as he did, a fact the little shit reminded me throughout the day, but some good did come of it. I lost
  3. Ok, this is a stupid simple cook and it's virtually impossible to screw up. I saw virtually because I still managed to do just that, ah well. I'm using red oak for the smoke and lump charcoal for the heat (vision grills to be precise, absolutely love this lump charcoal). Step 1: Wipe down the meat with paper towels. Step 2: I'm using a 50/50 mix of coarse ground black pepper and salt. It's beef, and in this case the simpler the better. Step 3: Place on the grill when its above 200. Looking for a target temp of 260-275. Step 4: Wait 2 hours, or until the intern
  4. After playing a game last night that involved making my kidneys and liver hate me I needed to make some real food and eat something good for me. Chicken it is. And if i'm going to eat chicken I'm going to smoke a whole chicken. Smoking a whole chicken is pretty much the easiest thing to smoke in my opinion. It's virtually impossible to screw it up. So what's a beer can chicken for the uninitiated? Basically you shove a can of beer up the opening of a chicken and then put said chicken on the grill. Does it work? Yes but it's subtle. In my experience each of the beer can chickens
  5. Recently (today actually) I was asked to design a logo for a friend in deepest, darkest Indiana for a Ribfest type BBQ smoker party. Since so many of you guys probably do the same thing, I figured you could get use out of it too. Feel free to download it and print it on anything you want, like invitations, menus, stickers, whatever. If you need a higher resolution for something else, just drop me a line and I will be happy to provide it for you by e-mail. Have a great summer!
  6. Hey Guys, Been thinking about having a little get together here at Casa Ginseng in Northern Virginia this summer. A little cigaring, a little drinking, a little grilling. What say you? Are there any folks nearby who might be interested? Ideas? Wilkey
  7. Was thinking of doing this for Australia Day. Has anyone turned their 4 burner BBQ into half coal and half gas? I could having the middle section coal and the outer running gas..Use some of the foil trays for the coal and poke holes in em for air or is this really stupid and dangerous?? Alternativly can you dodge up one of the BBQ rotisseries for a weber? My back up is another pulled pork.

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