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Found 3 results

  1. Ok lads and lasses, I recently purchased a larger desktop humidor (300 count) and am trying to decide on which humidification device to use. I've narrowed it down to either beads or Boveda. There seems to be strong support for both on FOH. Some insight would be much appreciated. Cheers, Phil
  2. Hey, So I recently bought some Custom Rolls from local guy. He told me that they like higher humidity levels...72RH. I told him I'm using Bovedas in my Wineador...He said to get rid of em...Something about Boveda using a newer solution with some salts or something that Rob cigars of their natural oils. I searched around online and on this forum a bunch and didn't find anything on the matter. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Can anyone present evidence that Bovedas are ore aren't robbing cigars of their natural oils? Thanks! E
  3. I apologize for this noob issue, I felt it was fairly unique...but then PigFish suggested I post here (after I messaged with him alone) for further scrutiny among friends, so here goes, and I am sorry for the length... I bought my first mail order box of sticks from - somewhere overseas as some of you saw my post from Saturday- they arrived perfectly. In preparation, my 2+ year old desktop 50 cigar humidor with glass top...was empty and with 4 72% Boveda packs - struggling to maintain 62% humidity according to the little Xikar circular hygrometer, that in a test earlier that week performed well, reading the precise 72% during zip lock calibration with just one Boveda 72 inside with it. So, I added a 84% seasoning packet to the humidor, along with the 4 72% packs...and within 1.5 days, was reading I was happy...very happy. I know my desktop humidor isn't the greatest, at $60 and with the glass is just begging to leak humidity...but, its alright. So, once my box arrived, after 3 weeks in the mail...I promptly added all 25 sticks to the humidor, took out the 84% boveda, which was sort of hard by this point...and kept 3 72% bovedas inside as well. Within a day, the humidor was holding at 64%. Then it dropped the next day to 63%, then yesterday to 62%, and today its at 60%. I also added a new 84% boveda yesterday in the hopes of bringing it back joy. Interstingly, the cigar shop guy says even if I add the 84% boveda, the xikar may not read a higher humidity, even though, he says, it will still keep cigars fresh. I live in an apartment, with steam heat, which for my cigars is the enemy. temps range during the day from 71-78. My question, when it comes down to it...what should I do to protect my investment...with three 72% and one 84% boveda inside with 25 Partagas Serie P no. 2's inside...what did the shop owner mean when he seemingly knew that even with the 84% boveda inside, the humidity would not register as rising...and why could it keep 70% while empty, and struggle with 60% when half full? recap: empty humidor + three 72% boveda's and one 84% boveda, humidor held steady at 70% - add 25 new sticks - take out 84% boevda (which turned fairly hard over the past week) - keep three still fresh 72% boveda's...and we are struggling to keep 60, even with a brand new 84% boveda added yesterday. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help!!!!! Rich

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