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Found 1 result

  1. Newbie/Veteran Handicapped Boxpass There was a ton of interest in @wertman ‘s current newbie boxpass from folks who either didn’t get in on time, felt intimidated by the quality of puts and thought their collection might not stack up, or wished they’d had the opportunity to share the wealth with the newbies. Let’s give it another go so more newbies get a chance to be involved in the community and improve the variety in their humis. Fundamental Principles: DON’T FEEL INTIMIDATED!!! This is not about ‘proving yourself’ to the other users. You don’t have to have aged, rare, or limited edition stock to participate. In fact, the whole point is to hook up some beginners who DON’T have a lot of cigars stashed away. Only have commonly available vitolas from 2016/17? Perfect. This is for YOU. Put what you’ve got. A lot of vets love an opportunity to help newbies expand their tastes and try stuff they might not have been willing to shell out the coin for, never having tried them before. This speaks volumes about the overall character of the folks in this hobby/community. It’s awesome to see folks with experience go out of their way to hook up beginners. I want to make sure that we have a decent mix of newbies and vets so everyone gets a shot at trying new stuff. 20 newbies/10 vets is what I’m shooting for. That way we get some cool, aged or unusual stuff for the beginners to choose from. 1 vet, 2 newbies, 1 vet, 2 newbies etc - this basic structure should keep the stock in the box plentiful and interesting so everyone has a chance to enjoy the process. I’m announcing this well in advance of the start. This will give the newbies some time to add a few more vitolas to their humis, chat with the participating vets about the process, and get excited! I’m looking to start sometime this summer. I’m going to focus on Habanos, as I don’t have NCs in my stock and I don’t know squat about them. If anyone has interesting NCs you want to contribute to the box, I’m sure someone will be excited to try them! Just count them as a ‘bonus’ stick, separate from your puts. Again... I don’t know squat about NCs. If a vet puts in some crazy high end NC - tell me about it. We can establish a NC for NC put/take protocol in that event. Same goes for custom rolls. I’m ignorant on this topic. Refer to the previous paragraph. Same principles apply. Rules: Registration: I’m ideally capping the entry at 20 newbies and 10 veterans. Entry will be first come, first served, in the name of fairness, counted by the order in which they are received. A response of affirmation to this thread will be counted as an entry. I will contact you for further information afterwards. I will give you a detailed rundown of logistics/etiquette when I email you. Newbies - if you were already involved with @wertman ‘s newbie pass, sit this one out and give the other guys a shot. I’m sure there are going to be more than 20 interested parties. When you respond, declare yourself as either a newbie or a veteran. This will determine which set of puts/takes rules you are expected to adhere to. These will be clarified below. Puts/Takes: I’ll personally sign off on all proposed puts/takes. There shouldn’t be any issues, though, as we are instating a homogenized valuation system. Newbies – You get a handicap on your puts. Each cigar is given a numeric point value based on clear criteria. For each cigar you put, you will receive a 1 point handicap. Match your handicapped put scores with the normal scores of your takes, and you’re good to go! Points will be awarded as such. Add the points up for each of these criteria that your put cigar meets: 2 points: Base level score for all regular production, <2 year old cigars 2 more points: Non-regular production (i.e. limited production, uncommon availability, etc) 2 more points: 2-5 years old 2 more points: 5-10 years old 2 more points: 10+ years old 2 more points: EL/RE/LCDH releases. Recent production EL/RE/LCDH will still receive the 4 points awarded to 5-10 yo cigars, to compensate for extra financial value. Extra points may be awarded on a case to case basis for GR and other extremely expensive/rare puts. For example, a Partagas serie d no 4 PET DIC 15 as a put would get: 2 points (base score); 2 point (2-5 years old). Add the 1 point handicap and that cigar, as a put, is worth 5 points. If you see a Montecristo no. 4 BRU AGO 10 that you would like to take, it would score: 2 points (base score); 4 points (5+ years old) for a total value of 6 points. No handicap point on the takes. Vets – It’s the standard minimum 1:1 put:take ratio you’re accustomed to. TLDR? Just ask! Let's have some fun! THE WORKING LIST: Vets: 1. @FatherOfPugs 2. @Azksig 3. @Rhino 4. @Tave1225 5. @jerrybrowne 6. @jsummers157 7. @Nekhyludov 8. @Ouftastic +2 handicap points. Dude has awesome stock but hasn't been in CCs very long at all, and should atleast get a little bit of a break. 9. @BuzzArd 10. @awkwardPause 11. @Dijit Newbies: 1. @PrairieSmoke 2. @Buck14 3. @grizzlee 4. @Hotboxx 5. @OllyBond 6. @Wertman... perhaps with a penalty stroke 7. @nsills 8. @MooseAMuffin 9. @BlackFriar 10. @mozart23 11. @vidast 12. @fitzy 13. @Capt. Brett 14. @rd151 15. @mrmessy 16. @Weaponiz'd1 17. @THEMISCHMAN 18. @shaffer22 19. @taylorgov2 19&1/2. @jsavoie88 20. @zking

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