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Found 11 results

  1. All media are portraying this as cigarette plain packaging, but the bill quite specifically names tobacco products. I can see nothing that exempts cigars or pipe tobacco, so the end result will be devastating to the tobacconists in Canada (which I am one of).
  2. Came across this on the net. A per Province breakdown of total tobacco revenues across all tobacco product types from 1990 - 2016. In short. For a country of ~30 million, taxing tobacco has brought in billions per years to government coffers. In 2016 total Provincial and Federal taxes have brought in $8.3 Billion. Link to PDF Tables Page 3 has a breakdown of cigarettes, cigars, pipe, etc.
  3. Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario: 2012 Canadian Regional Edition. Vital Stats: 54 x 164 (6.5") Sublimes/Double Robusto Cold notes: Excellent construction. Not very oily. Passes the "pinch" test. Definitely ready to smoke. Milk chocolate wrapper. Slight veins. Solid construction. Aroma at cold is cocoa powder. Cinnamon and nutmeg. Start time 2:55PM First third Toasty tobacco on the light. Good draw lots of smoke. Coffee. Smooth. Dirty grey ash. Tannic notes. Dry tobacco. Short finish on each draw. Flaky ash. Lovely summer day. Smoking in irony as this is one freedom that keeps dwin
  4. Thanks in advance: My wife is heading to Montreal CA next week for a few days. She will be in the downtown area. Even though she is not an advocate of my CC addition she is still willing to bring a few boxes back to the US for me. 1: need a respectable place to purchase near the Lowes hotel? 2: looking for special boxes (suggestions please)? 3: prices? Need to know what to expect. You guys know how it is, you spend 1k she gets even by spending 3k! thanks for the assistance.
  5. Hey there everyone, greetings. I'd like to thank Photo_Rob for pointing out this place to me! Are you ready for a wall of text? As you can probably tell from my handle, I'm into coffee, a lot. So much so I didn't do that well a job of disguising who I am (if you search CoffeeGeek, you'll find me lol). Dunno if that's a mistake or not; but I've never been one to kinda hide who I am online (not that there's anything wrong with that!) So let me see if I can do a late night introduction here (I've just been editing photographs for the last 6 hours, got a deadline tomorrow!). How I got in
  6. Hey all, This is gonna be my first time visiting Whistler BC for a snowboard trip. Anybody know where I can smoke and or buy cigars in Whistler? It might be too cold to smoke cigars outside, but I do have some Partagas D6 for quick outdoor smokes... I hear the smoking laws are horrible in BC? Thank you! Eddie
  7. *You can check this review in its original setting over here! Here is a follow up to Keith's (John was there too no?) review of these at the pre-launch in Havana last November. La Flor de Cano Siboney (110mm x 42mm) made exclusively for the Canadian market just like the Bolivar Simones, Ramon Allones Gordito de Allones, Vegas Robaina XV Anniversario were. 2000 numbered Semi Boite Nature Box of 25 cigars were made. Named after the Siboney tribe of indigenous people living in Cuba before the landing of Columbus. Their practices introduced the explorers to the use of tobacco. Construction:
  8. Ah - the benefits of an international forum. One thing that resonates perfectly across all cultures is music. Within these borders, I've found two childhood songs that make my skin crawl every time i think of my childhood days singing these in classes. First one is a great little tune with a patriotic message too: Second is a nice little Deutsch (spelt 'Dutch' in North America) Canadian influence. Happy polka times: What are your culturally relevant folk songs you reminds you of your childhood?
  9. Hi all - I'm a relatively new cigar smoker from Victoria, British Columbia. So far I am just trying all sorts of different cigars, Cuban and Non-Cuban, but I have to say my favourites to date have all been Cuban! I think right now the Hoyo Epicure #2 is my top cigar, but there are so many I have yet to try. Cigars are expensive here in Canada, but on the plus side we have access to both Cubans and many American cigars, so there is plenty of choice. I enjoy watching the FoH reviews on YouTube and they led me to this forum. I'm looking forward to participating!
  10. From the album: Cigars 2009 Edicion Regional Canada Vegas Robaina Petit Robaina
  11. Ok, so here in Canada we have a mostly French speaking province called Quebec. Therefore, Canada has two official languages (French & English). It is mostly necessary to deliver services to taxpayers and more importantly, it facilitates the ordering of Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. But here's a new twist on things. Bilingual dogs.

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