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  1. All long-term cigar smokers have this feeling that the speed of buying cigars will gradually exceed the speed of smoking cigars after smoking cigars for a long time.😄 Some people collect cigars as they love it, some are for the added value. No matter you are collecting cigars for loving or value added, a common topic is proper storage environment. 18-21°C is recognized as the ideal storage temperature for cigars. If the temperature is lower than 16°C, the expected cigar aging process will be weakened. If the temperature is too high, higher than 24°C, it will cause the cigar b
  2. Spanish cedar wood or Canada cedar wood ? Both of the Spanish cedar wood and Canada cedar wood are quality options to consider for a humidor. Spanish cedar is considered the best wood for a cigar humidor, as this wood is very good at withstanding humidity and maintaining temperature. Here we would like to introduce them in below 2 aspects: 1) Benefit for cigars Advantages of Spanish cedar: Protection from Tobacco beetles: This type of wood can help prevent the tobacco beetles from building up in the humidor. Positive effect on cigar flavor: Spanish
  3. He's gone a few years now, but I am still moved to tears watching Mr Overton and I salute him and thank him for his service & life's wisdom.
  4. Nope you complete idiot, I will swim to Cuba or quit smoking rather than follow your advice : Mods - Feel free to delete if not appropiate. This is just about cigars, forget about the Gold part, sure it's the same BS advice.... :-)
  5. Greetings. It's that time of year again. CA has completed their yearly list. Time for ours. I've selected a sampling of the most recent releases, minus the special humidors. Those are too esoteric and hard to get. The poll focuses on the regular, EL, Reserva, GR and various LCDH offerings. Criteria is as follows: Please fill out the poll before it closes on Jan 2, 2020. You can select multiple choices in the poll as well.
  6. I did a quick search on CCW for "recent releases". I included 2018 and 2019 as Habanos release calendar is never on time. This list is not perfect, but here goes. I will post a poll very soon. It will close Jan 2, 2020 @10PM EST In addition to selecting 2018 and 2019 "new" releases, the finally criteria was also included: I hope many of you chime in.
  7. After 18 months away from Havana I was again able to go for a few days with a small group of the cigar gang here in Toronto. This seems like a good opportunity to provide a quick update and also include a few photos from the trip. The photos are mix of phone and DSLR, so the quality will be different. The colour/lighting/exposure are based on my preferences so that may not appeal to some. Considering the weather we've been having in Toronto it was an excellent reason to get away. Here's what I was leaving behind on the day of the flight to Varadero from the back of the cab: I t
  8. Selected my stogies and spirits for this weekend. Non-Cubans (don't hold it against me) this time ?. Ashton VSG, Padron 80th Anniversary and 1964 40th Anniversary Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Angels Envy Finished Rye and Jeffersons Groth Reserve Cask Finished.
  9. Hello FOH, Recently discovered your website and forums and have been enjoying all of the information you guys bring on so many different topics! Going to La Habana, Cuba next Tuesday March 5, 2019. Staying right there in La Habana for a whole week. Im interested in a few things while im in Cuba: good cigars, good rum and good places. Starting with my main interest, CIGARS! I've been reading on here and have concluded I want to visit Alejandro "Alex"Gonzalez Arias at the Hotel Comodoro for some custom rolled cigars, probably his canonazo or his Behike 52. Do I have to order before ha
  10. Hello cigars lovers!!! I´m master student in Enterprise Management in China and for my thesis I´ve chosen to evaluate the HABANOS brand image in China, willl you help me with 5 min of your time? If you know any Chinese lover of the exclusive quality of HABANOS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE the link thanks!!!!!!!
  11. Fellow FOH Members. Here are you Top Cigars of 2018 (and 2017 thanks to Habanos' release woes) The cigars in this list reflect what was considered a "New" release by HSA in 2018. Of course, planned release date =/= actual release when it comes to HSA so some 2017 sticks were included. Before we begin; some stats. 137 Members voted. (IMO, that seems low, but IIRC it's an improvement over previous polls) There are 4 ties, so we won't officially get a "top 10". One cigar received zero votes. The HdM Rio de Seco. Not a big surprise as this was a pretty recent r
  12. puromaniac

    get reel

    Reels are important tools of the angling trade. Many exceptionally fine reels are made locally that are especially fine, but get scant exposure for their craftsmanship. What talent do you know from your area that deserves a shout out? This is a Stamp River Reel made in Port Alberni British Columbia by master machinist Dan Holder that just sings when attached to a steelhead!
  13. Part two of our annual corporate trip that rewards the absolute top people in mr beaver’s company begins today. I am mrs beaver, ceo wife. To thank the company for the fifth year of generosity, I continue to show them what a “herf” is and host one every night. We went to a fantastic cigar store about 10 minutes away. It was recommended by a Facebook friend. Cigarstore Hazar
  14. I joke I joke, it isn't half bad out here, especially when your wife sends you a picture of a 24:24 arrival! I look forward to letting these bad boys rest until at a minimum February when I get home before they meet my torch! How's everyone's lives going back home, wherever home may be?
  15. Dear FOH: I'm so happy to have found a group of serious cigar smokers with Friends of Habanos International. Your feedback will help me immensely. I'll be 59 in June so I decided to get started building my "Retirement Collection". I started my collection in 2014 like a crazy man and must have ordered maybe 8-10 boxes. Now I have 5- humidors and am running out of space That's problem #1. I want to store cigars properly so that they will taste great within that 5-7 year time frame. Problem #2 I can't seem to keep my hands out of the cookie jar. I need a strategy but don't have a clue Problem
  16. I'm interested in getting a large container going for specifically unopened boxes of cigars to age. Right now I've got a wineador that I use to hold my current smoking rotation and a few tupperdors. I was thinking of going the coolidor route to store 40-50 boxes at a time for long term (5+) years of aging, what do you guys use?
  17. Hello fellow brothers / sisters I will be traveling to Havana Jan. 13-17 2018 if anyone will be in Havana let me know we can meet for drinks and cigars. If you will not be there during those dates let me know when I travel to Cuba every two weeks. Thanks Robert Rogers
  18. Hell FOH'rs I will be Havana, Cuba again January 13-17 and if someone has time and will be in Havana these dates let's get together for drinks and cigars. If not these dates I go every couple weeks. Can call me on my Cuban cell or US cell. Message me to get the #. Thanks Robert Rogers
  19. Good morning, I have been smoking cigars for 20 years now, cubans exclusively, but I would like to know the point of view from foh forum aficionados. As I am quadraplegic since a rugby scrum it is quite complicate with my "hands" to properly cut my cigar alone so I must beg for help....I have an efficient cabinet humidor for aging my cigars and I wonder if I could cut all my cigars in advance even if I don't smoke them before months/years. Will it change the aging process ? Thanks for your advices.
  20. I will be traveling again to Havana, Cuba on November 20-27th with a few friends. If any members will be in Havana same dates shoot me a message. Thanks Robert Rogers
  21. Not sure or have come across this in this forum. Searched but nothing. But has anyone ever did a collection of there sticks? I love watching videos on youtube with people showing off there box collection. Anyone want to post? There cabinet/boxes?
  22. Back from Havana, Cuba and this was what I could grab while there. Very awesome trip still downloading pics. Prolly 400+ pics at least! Very excited to go back for festivals in Nov and Feb.
  23. Cheers I'm currently en-route to Havana, Cuba re-routing me from Atlanta airport which has closed in/out flights from now till who knows to lovely New York airport now. Then will take straight shot away from Irma to Havana, Cuba to arrive on Tuesday 9/12/2017......finally! Havana is slowly regaining power back and should be back on at least in Havana by Tuesday when I arrive and the water not exactly sure but I just took a shower in the sink at the airport in Kansas City with couple hand fulls of water.....? As for the flooding in Havana it should reside a considerable amount by Tuesday when i
  24. Hey brother and sisters I am traveling to Cuba Sept 10-15 and asking if anyone has advise for food, drinks, music ,art and of course where to "if any honey spots" for and to find Cuban cigars? Any help is greatly appreciated! My first time going to Cuba from US. Thank you guys! Robert Rogers
  25. Apparently we have a new member in our midst... @MikeGthatsnice I saw his brief but funny Youtube videos (in the review forum) and as a lover of humor and creativity, I say good job mate. No, I don't know him... but if it can make me laugh, it is worth sharing! Cheers Mike, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing! -the Pig

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